Saturday, June 23, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"If you are finding hard to pray persistently and regularly in a disciplined way, you are still trying to pray with your own strength. Don't try but let God's Spirit quicken you with His burden and words in such a way that you might not have joy on that day without praying supernaturally His burden out of you. Praying with your strength is like trying to push a car when you have been allotted enough money by your company to put as much petrol or gas on your car to drive everywhere you want." — Abraham Israel

"Most of the saints even though use the word mercy and grace so much in their christian vocabulary they still do not know the fine difference between it. Mercy is that which God does not give us what we deserve and grace is something that which God gives us which we do not deserve. The wages of sin is death which is what we deserve for all our sinful doings daily, but when we confess our sins and receive the assurance of God's forgiveness, it is mercy in action. When we sincerely cry to God for our repeated failings, and seeing our sincerity when God gives us overcoming power over it, we have received the graceful effect of God's gift of salvation which is grace in action. You can't have one without the other." — Abraham Israel

‎"Life is full of bend and turn, you got to trust God and keep moving to reach the destiny that God has prepared for you." — Abraham Israel

"Grace and Peace are the most divinely anointed words given to us by God. While grace will make us operate in the touch of God, peace will keep us in touch with God. When grace doesn't show up, peace will be present with us to sustain us till we find the grace again." — Abraham Israel

"A person who has not realized His purpose is wasting his God given time on earth, as his clock gets ticking towards the end line of eternity." — Abraham Israel

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Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Think and believe that God's ways and plans for you are always better than the best humanly possible ways and means available. When God undertakes, no one can sink it down." — Abraham Israel

"The first sign of a true spiritual person is how thankful he is for all that God has already done for Him through Christ Jesus. All our dissatisfaction in life comes mainly because of a unthankful heart attitude towards God for all His daily benefits. Be thankful for today and you will enjoy God's blessing for tomorrow!" — Abraham Israel

"Only those who learn to consistently give their worries and burdens to God in prayer will be able to relax and wait for God's perfect timing of their breakthrough. A person who is lazy and not self disciplined to pray will fail to wait for God. God always waits for those who wait for Him patiently!" — Abraham Israel

"The weakness of God is stronger than men and the foolishness of God is wiser than men." — Abraham Israel

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