Monday, January 20, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The moment you start to believe that you need to become someone, you will start to lose your focus on who you are already in Christ Jesus through faith, and will rather tend to strive doing something to achieve a surreal identity rather than being satisfied in who you are already in your being in Christ Jesus. You are no less than Jesus in your being to God, so God calls you as His Son and not just servants. God loves you just as He loved Jesus when He was on earth, so live abundantly pleasing to God by being through believing rather than suffering to lose you identity through the misery of doing things for acceptance. You can be no better placed in your spiritual standing anytime in the future than what you are now in your being towards God! Know your position and stand in it, soon you will act like it and be like Jesus more and more in your likeness. Repentance and Christ-likeness is not a achievement but a way of life which is inline to who we are are on the inside of us." — Abraham Israel

"The greatest gift we have received from God is the gift of His Son...As we remember His birth not just on Christmas day but on every day....let us remind ourselves the true meaning of it by bringing this fact in to our mind that because He was born on earth, we who believe in Him could be reborn from heaven to be a friend of God forever and ever." — Abraham Israel

"God sees you as you will be and loves you as you are, when you begin to see yourself as He sees you in Christ Jesus, that is when you will become what He wants you to be." — Abraham Israel

"Our mind is wired by God to work based on what we confess with our mouth, if we always confess wrong things by seeing the negatives of life rather than the positives that are full of life, we can never rise up high in our spiritual life to see the glory of God on earth as it is in heaven. The more you start to acknowledge and confess every good thing which is within you in Christ Jesus, the more effective you will be able to share your faith to the world around you and become a great blessing to countless number of people who come in to contact with you by Divine providence!" — Abraham Israel

"God smiled over us when He chose to say that He cares for us through expressing His heart for us through Jesus Christ. The easiest way to say that you care for someone is when you just smile your heart from your face. Smile heartily seeing the the world through the eyes of God to see the good in all the suffering that the world goes through, and turn it upside down to make them see how God sees them. Those who see themselves like their God who sees them with a smile, can change the world they see around them! Be the change the world wants to see. You friendship with God and men will go great length if you heartily smile even like the word 'SMILE' which must be the longest word that starts with 'S....and goes a MILE' to end it!" — Abraham Israel

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