Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"When we try to love the unlovable with our love in full strength towards them, we get more frustrated than before because we ought not to try to supply people with something that we do not have. Instead if only we could confess our inability to love the unlovable to God and expect Him to give us His Unconditional Love to love them, we will never become disappointed in life anytime and anyplace because the more we supply the love of God, the more we will be satisfied with God's presence which comes with His Love in to our heart." — Abraham Israel

"God wants us to make us a skillful spiritual sailor through the time of our life on earth that He has given. So understand there can be no other spiritual position apart from the following three because of the love of God towards you, either you are out of a storm, or you are heading in to it or else you are in the midst of it. Cheer yourself up because whatever position you are in, you can never sink in to the despair of life because God knows how much you can bear it, and with the storm He always provides a way out of it. Also God has promised that the storms of life can never exceed beyond your capacity to handle it in Christ Jesus who is your co-sailor who trains you and give you the strength to handle all kinds of storms of life. Rejoice because you are becoming better and skillful by God's grace everyday through your God ordained storms of life." — Abraham Israel

"God wants us to come just as we are to salvation, but because of His infinite unconditional love for us, He doesn't want us to stay messy just as we are after that, but want us to co-operate with Him after salvation to transform us just like He is." — Abraham Israel

"To hide our light of truth that Christ has put within us when we were born again is to be unchristian of our true nature, because we who believe the Word of God cannot but do work out that which God works in. If only we could boldly start to declare our faith for God's glory, before we could even realize ourselves, God will do in reality though us what we have declared by faith so that all will see our glorious glow of good deeds and will praise our Heavenly Father." — Abraham Israel

"The inner nature of God within us who have been created again by God in Christ Jesus is just like the very nature of God in pure and perfect righteousness and holiness. Therefore we cannot sin freely as a born again Christian without feeling bad about it. If we feed on the Word of God, Pray, Confess to God our sins and be close to Him, then our desire to sin will diminish and our desire to please God by faith will increase. If we feed on the flesh, world and demonic counterfeit within us, then our desire to sin will overcome us sadly. God wants us to be over-comers by faith and not under-goers by fear and unbelief. What we feed on will either strengthen us or will weaken our spiritual life. So keep feeding God-wards and you will reap a heavenly harvest on earth and will start to add value and riches to the heavenly future that you will enjoy through your treasures collected in heaven." — Abraham Israel

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