Thursday, February 7, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When our strength is gone, all we can do is depend on God for His strength to show up by faith. But when God's strength doesn't show up at the right time as we expected, God has the best possible answer for us. He wants us to stay in hope without giving up our faith because when we have hope, very soon the refreshing love of God will be poured out by the Holy Spirit who is God's dispensing heavenly agent. Finally hope will not disappoint us because love will appoint us in the heavenly satisfaction of experiencing more of God through the delays we experience. Don't give up hope even when you feel like giving up." — Abraham Israel

"The heart of God longs to fill those who want their heart to be full of God. Are you having a longing like that and want to be full of God, God who knows you heart will fulfill your desire soon. If not, from now onward pursue God and nothing else in life because only God can satisfy you at the end of your pursuit, God satisfies only those who long for Him and Him alone." — Abraham Israel

"When we are anxious we are actually expecting something worse to happen to us in spite of having a God who is in control of our life in all possible situations, in such a scenario, God could leave us for our lack of trust but instead He understands our fear of failure that is so unreal but so real to us because of our fallen nature within us. Our God is so compassionate towards us that once He finds that we are fearful of unknown future or because of our grieving circumstances that has come to us unexpectedly, the God who has allowed such a thing in to our lives in his blue print, from within our heart He starts to speak comfort and consolation which will without fail bring unspeakable joy as we believe His supernatural words from heaven. So be encouraged that without anxiety and grief, we could not have know the comfort and joy of our Lord in our lives and so even what we do not like is worked out by God to work for our good to experience God in a newer way and understand him in a better way to strengthen our friendship with Him which is actually a eternal one that never ends." — Abraham Israel

"Only the designer of your life knows how to unfold your destiny bit by bit and bring you in to rich satisfaction. You can never ever even imagine to do more with your life than what God can do through you for His Glory. When you give your life completely day after day in to the hands of God, He will give His abundant heavenly life for you to enjoy and thereby fulfill His destiny for your life. The easiest way to be happy is to live with out worrying about tomorrow, and live out the life today customized and planned by God before we ever came in to existence." — Abraham Israel

"Prayer is the very breath of a Christian, he can do nothing more than what a dead corpse can do unless the breathe of God supernaturally enters in to his body to give life and make him live life purposefully on earth. Nothing of eternal value has ever be done without prayer done before the work of God ever began and so it is the same in our lives too. Pray with purpose in your life, or else your prayer less life will be without purpose" — Abraham Israel

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