Friday, July 3, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"The best in us as a Christian can only be revealed for God's glory to others, when we are hard pressed on the outside and inside, and there is no one but only God to help us through it. Give what you can to God, what you cannot God gives out to others through you and makes you a mighty supernatural blessing. The greatest blessing of God a Christian can receive is to be a blessing to others!" — Abraham Israel

"Preoccupied completely with the mundane instead of the eternal things is the very sign of how closer we are to the Rapture and the Second coming of the Lord Jesus as He had promised. The heart of humans that are filled with mundane has nothing worthwhile to think about except constantly think perversely and that which are abominable to God, as the heart without the thought of God and His eternal things becomes filled with evil. When the heart works and prioritizes the mundane and gets rooted in it deeply, the high flourishing fruit of violence, apathetic fleshly instant animal graded living, homosexuality, drinking, playing with marriage after marriage without commitment because of being driven by beauty and sex rather than by love, greed for more and the latest things of comfort, and finally dissatisfaction in the reality of life will result and increase in greater perpetual intensity even until the time of the end of the world. Jesus is coming sooner than we think because all these things are happening more and more daily like never ever before seen or heard intensity, to be ready to fill the whole earth with evil within a few years or a few decade. In such dangerous times of deception and evil, you and I must watch where we are in the eternal timetable of God and pray constantly in the spirit by the Spirit to the Lord to help us live a worthy life for His Glory before He arrives to take the Church and then end the world government in those next three and half years to reign in it for a thousand years of peace and safety!" — Abraham Israel

"The basis of our love towards others whether it is familial, friendly or towards our foes becomes genuine, only when it is a reflection based on Christ's unconditional sacrificial love for us that we have experienced. Then our love gets deeply rooted in God to become a rewarding love for us. Only God's love when it is shown towards others deeply satisfies us irrespective of how people respond to us in each circumstances of our lives." — Abraham Israel

"When it comes to living a passionate life of zeal and fire for God, the question is not whether we are living for God, but rather whether Christ lives through us more and more in every area of our life, by us giving to Him ourselves in openness and submission. That is why Christ is called as the head and we as the Church are called as the Body of Christ through which from heaven Jesus lives within us and through us individually and personally by His Spirit, and shows Himself to the world in undeniable proof that He is alive and that He is coming back to this world as the judge, ruler and the Messiah of it. There is no Savior that the world needs except the one Lord Jesus who can only save it from sin, therefore remember to let loose that passion of salvation with which you are saved to become a burning fire to en-flame your spirituality to touch the world with the love and life of our true Savior Jesus, above all let Him live through you completely." — Abraham Israel

"God in the Book of Romans through His Apostle Paul actually shows homosexuality to be the final order of rebellion against God, if that is the final order before the world will be judged for its reprobate mindedness of homosexuality and all sexual filth, then in all the past two thousand years of grace and mercy God has show to the world through Jesus Christ we have already hit the highest point, and the door of serious judgment is opening up from heaven from where all the hell will be let loose in a few years in the coming days or at the max a decade or little more than it. We as Christians may have been tempted or may even be struggling through these things asking ourselves why am I like this, but we cannot practice it or say that all these sexual perversion to be a lighter thing when it is actually a serious thing before God. Let no man be deceived, rainbow is not earthly for man to decide and falsely celebrate the false grace and love of God, but it is heavenly to show grace and mercy through God's promise or else judge when He wants to. Homosexuality, pornography and its twin little sister of masturbation with lust accompanied are all sin before God and are all the final order of sin before God, but we were washed in the blood of Jesus and stand for the truth of Jesus in this end of the world period of deep darkness and deception. God will show mercy and grace to all those of His children who are born again and those who accept sin as sin, and also are not ready to accept or agree with those who practice it calling it as something not serious before God. But for those who act otherwise to openly deny the truth, I do not see any light for them ahead and only a tunnel of deep darkness like never before. Supreme Courts of the world do not rule the world to say what is right or wrong because those who sit as head judge in it are still humans, its decision in all the world will be based on whether those judge fear God or not. But the God of heaven rules over all the Supreme Courts of the whole world, so we ought to fear God than men who are fallible and who take everyone who agrees with them to the same dark-tunnel ahead where they are all going when in rebellion to the God of heaven who gives life to all humans, and who is the only one who has right by Sovereignty as a Creator to say what is right or wrong. May God help us all agree with God and stand on His side as His Children though it costs much to do that." — Abraham Israel

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