Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Love ends only when life ends. But the beginning of love is realized only when self ends." — Abraham Israel

"God first created monkeys in its own image and then created humans in His own image, to convey the most important message to us all that if humans do not seek the face of God in this life, they will deteriorate and become depraved enough to be like a monkey, and have no better level of physical existence than a monkey living on earth. Human DNA is hundred percent human and monkey's DNA is hundred percent monkey. Both DNA cannot mix, until the mind gets depraved enough to mix within it a unlikely cocktail of blood which is imaginary and foolish to the core. Humans only have the spiritual ability to worship God and give glory to Him, if they don't, then surely Monkey's have a little bit more of a in-depth message to glorify God!" — Abraham Israel

"Every new things starts from God, every old thing has passed by the grace of God. If we are too concerned to turn back and see the old, we will not be able to face that which is before us to meet the present of God face to face with grace to overcome and stay victorious. If we don't receive God's present of time which is present now, though a new year may come yet we will be stuck in our past. To stay in the present we must choose to forget the past by the grace of God, and reach forward to receive the present of God! Present is the only gift that God keeps giving to us without limit as long as we live on earth, so use God's present and learn to live in it and you will always be successful in every way to glorify God." — Abraham Israel

"Dry seasons precedes rainy seasons of life. So look forward never backward, no matter what! Looking back pulls us down, but looking forward lifts us up in to newer dimensions of God's solutions for every problems we face. Finally lift up your head after each new day, because only this will renew our vision and re-energize it to look forward in to God's destiny for our lives." — Abraham Israel

"The Bible is the Word of God that authenticates Jesus and Jesus is the exact replica of the Word of God. Christ reveals Himself to us the greatest through His Word. The light of Jesus penetrates our soul, and reaches to the world around us when the Word of God burns the brightest within us. May the soul be educated by us to long for the revelation of the Word of God and find Jesus in reality and not just religiously! In the breaking of bread which is the Word of God, Jesus reveals Himself to us always." — Abraham Israel

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