Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Manna for the Day

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Warm greetings to you my dear Saints of God!

Most of the time when we talk about God we are more interested about it, but when it comes to walking with God we fail to realize that it is one thing to talk about God and it is totally another thing to walk with God. When we talk about God, we just know God. But when we walk with God, that is when God talk about us and we become well know by Him. So what kind of life we are living right now? Have we walked with God enough in our past years that we are able to say that we know how to walk in the perfect will of God and that we will not be hindered because of the impossible circumstances that surround us? Do we have faith enough to live the impossible dream God has promised us years before which lies there in the corner of our mind being reminded by God when we go through hell and high waters to encourage us to continue in faith? None can stop us from walking in the perfect will of God except our unbelief and lack of faith which limits us from achieving the impossible through the power of God. God is never limited by any impossibility as there is nothing impossible to him, but we are limited by our own belief which limits God by the same scale of our belief. In other words, God cannot continue to work for us when we do not believe, that is why we should eat the Word of God, drink the Word of God, walk the Word of God, sleep the Word of God and run with the Word of God and meditate upon the Word of God day and night! O Blessedness of the Word of God!

It is not enough to know God, we must me known by Him. We must be seen by awe from heaven's angels and saints which are our family in heaven to which we belong, for which God should feel proud about our life of faith and constant repentance. We must be people who bring great joy in heaven because of our godly faith filled life lived on earth for the Glory of God constantly day by day, walking more and more in the perfect will of God.

Most of us as Christians are satisfied living in the good and acceptable degree which is the basic and intermediate will of God, but there is a highest perfect will of God that brings great Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father on earth. Do we desire to live in that perfect will of God for our lives? May God help us look to Him to receive His strength to make us fulfill the perfect will of God for our lives and families. It is not easy, but the taste of victory will be eternally satisfying to us in the end. If we desire to walk in that highest level of the perfect will of God for our lives, then we must deny our self-will, take up the cross He has given by accepting every circumstances in our lives as His will to thank and praise and rejoice all the time for it and follow the path that Jesus showed to us through His life lived on earth as an example for us all.

PRAY WITH ME SAINTS: Dear Heavenly Father, I thank and praise for all things in my life and family and circumstances I am in, help me live rejoicing in you more and more to do your perfect will and Glorify you in all things. In Jesus wonderful name, Amen!


Much Blessings....

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