Friday, March 27, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"We can neither make our self holy nor keep our self holy except by receiving the true grace of God. The true grace of God that comes from God in heaven is that which gives us the spiritual immunity power to oppose and overcome all evil wickedness of the world, Satanic deception and our own sinful self. Even though unholiness surrounds us like pond of water around a lotus flower and tries to drown us within it all the time, as God's children under His grace we will be focused towards the sunshine of Jesus and reveal the Glory of God to all those around us which will make people marvel to see that the water that touches us could not drown us as we stand apart by grace. This true holiness is not attained by our effort, but it comes to us by the power of heaven that works from within us when we increase in our faith through the Word of God and it keeps us spiritually intact by acting from inside out. True holiness does not come to us from outside in, but rather inside out." — Abraham Israel

"Our test for the authenticity of a born-again experience and the assurance of it within our heart can only be know by ourselves when we start to hate the sin which we once loved, hate the world and its passing glory and hate our self for the sin nature within us that tries to operate through us and bring us back in to its bondage. If ever we want to test whether we have the true faith of salvation? By the change in our behavior and the assurance that comes by the Word through the Holy Spirit, can only help us stay concretely in the hope of eternal life that God has promised to all those who love Him, live for Him and let their light shine for Him. God never takes back the gift of salvation once He gives, but we should make sure that we have received the gift by believing the Son of God Jesus Christ who is the Savior for the whole world! Never stop short of the assurance of salvation, because it costs as much as eternity if we miss it!" — Abraham Israel

"Prosperity Gospel is truly for those spiritual dummies who are prone to wander seeking earthly things with an perishable earthly focus always, the true Gospel of grace is for the spiritual dons who seek for heavenly things using their earthly life for the service of God and continue to collect imperishable heavenly treasure with heavenly focus always in their foresight." — Abraham Israel

"No human born on this planet earth since the beginning of the creation of it can ever miss God's eternal friendship and salvation from sin if only they had looked for Him in gratefulness of heart for the beautiful life and all the blessings that He had provided for them when they were alive. In others words, no human can ever say to God when he meets Him after death, nobody told me about you because his very heartbeat brings the consciousness of a eternal God holding Him alive on earth, as the very breathe that he breathes is something of God's miraculous working from within him. God has set the eternity of God's Spirit within Him to make Him inquire of God, but man's own schemes to replace God within him with himself always leads his life to eternal destruction. If God's Spirit chooses to withdraw Himself from humans, immediately breathe would stop and the body of dust will return to the ground from which it was taken by God in the beginning to create our forefathers and then through them decree has been given supernaturally to procreate us through their intimacy within a marriage. Are we looking for God in this life, or are we replacing God with our own selfish schemes of religion, materialism, atheism, terrorism, casteism, etc...which are all hell bound for eternity? Those who search for God in everything that happens and have happened, will find God's wondrous activities in everything that are going to happen in their lives, because God has promised to reveal Himself to all who search for Him sincerely! Look for God's thumb print in everything and you will find the reflection of God through everything that He has done for His Glory." — Abraham Israel

"Repentance towards God turns us from kingdom of Satan to the Kingdom of God once and for all time. Appropriating the power of the Cross helps us free ourselves of the burdens of our own selfish life to share the lighter burden of Jesus through getting yoked with Him. Then following Jesus path of self-denial and cross-carrying daily moment by moment to stay in the will of God makes us hold on to the right narrow but steady path of heaven's pilgrim journey to experience on earth itself the eternal life of God in heaven and stay assured that we are moving rightly towards our eternal home in heaven. The road ahead may not be easy for all the followers of Jesus, but the foretaste of victory and the view from the heaven's perspective once realized, makes us move steadily towards the eternal benefits and the glorious positions of crowns that are awaiting for each one of us which far outweighs the temporal discomfort of our pilgrim journey and the small sacrifices we make in our earthly life to achieve the eternal dream become a reality for eternity ahead. We do not work for salvation, we work by salvation to eternal victory, honor, glory and satisfaction by walking pleasing to God through faith! You can never miss the narrow road which leads to all the benefits of eternal life when you do not just work for Jesus, but rather work with Jesus, day in and day out until the very end of your life on earth." — Abraham Israel

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