Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God wants us to be holy so that we could make way for God who is holy to walk among us and be our God. Holiness of God is madatory for the children of God because God will not move in the midst of unholiness as it is against His nature. Only in the New Testament times God has gifted us with His very nature, so that we could be able to walk with Him. Praise the Lord! The Blood of Jesus which cleanses us through our confession of sins when ever our old nature overpowers us, is the guarantee that after the confession of our sins, our fellowship with God and one another will be maintained through the powerful Presence of God which continues with us in all intimacy. God said, 'Be ye holy as I am holy', which teaches us that the standard for our personal holiness is not our Pastor or our family members or any other godly saints though they can be a example for us to follow, yet our eyes must be fixed on Jesus Christ who has become God's example for us to live a holy life. In the Old Testament times, when ever sin came and the law was not kept or broken, the Presence of God would be removed and they faced defeat in their midst. Until the priest could come and make a blood sacrifice publically so that they could continue to be the people of God. But thank God for Jesus who opened up the gates of heaven for us so that a new promise of God that, "He will never leave us nor forsake us" through His Presence have been given to us gloriously through the Blood of Jesus once and forever. Now we must not covet for anything more, but should learn to become satisfied with the Presence of God and should run to Jesus whenever we have sinned to confess to Him, because through it we will be able to experience the habitation of God within us. Visitation of God becomes a habitation of God when the Blood of Jesus covers us all the time through us maintaining our communication and fellowship with him from our heart and mouth. Hallelujah! Amen." — Abraham Israel

"Faith puts Jesus to work, fear puts Satan to work. Faith and fear cannot work together, when faith comes fear flees. The promises of God are the shining light of faith, which dispels the darkness of fear. So learn to live in the promises of God and fear will flee always without fail." — Abraham Israel

"Every time we pass through immense dangers unscathed and look back we know that God's decisions were always better than ours." — Abraham Israel

"We were not made by God to settle on this earth below forever, instead we were made to train ourselves to look above on the eternal things for which this present place is a training ground for our settlement, promotion, reward and position. If we think that as a Christian we do not fit in the schemes of this world, you are right. We are not made for this world but rather for another world that is to come for which God is preparing us to colonize in the New Heavens and the New Earth which is being prepared by Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We are the first new creation made on this present earth, being moulded to inherit the all new world of the Kingdom of God. We have entered in to this new world full of possibilities through the New Covenant which God has made with us in Christ Jesus, where we have received a new life of heaven to live it on earth, where a new living way has been created by the blood of Jesus to enter in to the very throne room of God to hear Him and walk according to His instructions, and a new commandment has been given to us to walk in love. There is nothing old that remains, except for us to experience the new and look up enough of our time on earth to set our minds in to the frequency of heaven above for which this earthly life is a temporal training ground. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"God has been revealing himself to every single humans from the day of their birth to the day of their death in various ways, some tangible, still other mysterious and many other in a very open and a supernatural way. If all have an opportunity to get saved from sin and find God, why has not all the humans received this great salvation? The one prime reason is that they never choose to seek Him sincerely in their lives, instead they make their own god to rule their lives and indulge in sinful lust that begin to consume their lifetime on earth. Every human is given a lifetime of opportunity to find God and be saved, but this opportunity of a lifetime should be used within the time line of the opportunity. All the chaos in the world prevail to make humans think individually of the uncertainity of this life and the certainity of a God who cares for them. All those who do not trust this temporary life begin to seek for the eternal and permanent God of the whole Universe and thus they find Him through Jesus Christ. When a human dies and when his timeline gets over, not only we see a blank facebook timeline, but a blank stare towards hell fire and torment without God if they have not been diligent enough to seek the Lord God while they were alive. To forget the purpose of God in creating us is to forget the very God of purpose who cannot be found when the timeline of our lifetime is over and done. Seek Him now desperately, and you will find Him has been His promise to you and me! This is TRUE FAITH. God always exists and forever He will, but the most important question to think about today is, have you truly found God or in other words, have you been found by Him by letting yourself go and embracing His ways and person even when it is hard. Seeking God is not a partime job, but a lifetime calling of every human. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

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Friday, April 24, 2020

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Our God is the Global God of the whole Universe and is not a local one. No god can stand before Him because He is the only one who exists without any outside support, all other are made to exist by Him. Jesus Christ is the uncreated one for whom all things exist, He is before all things and in Him all things consist. Because He is the God of the whole heavens and the earth, He only can become the Savior of the Humankind. All humans from all nations can only be saved from sin through the sinless sacrifice of Jesus only. He died, yet He rose up victoriously from death and now lives forever for those who trust in Him. This living God is the one and only loving God who gave Himself to save us because of His love, so that the perfect justice of God can be fulfilled and yet through it all we can be justified as if we have never sinned at all through Him for the Glory of God. Live for Jesus, Love Jesus and let His life live through you!" — Abraham Israel

"There is a wonderful promise God has given for every righteous person regarding their awesome end, that is, as a righteous person who lives by faith they will have many trials and troubles, but the Lord will deliver them out of them all without fail. What a promise! Not even one trial and one tribulation in life will go waste or remain without victory in the end by the supernatural power of God working for us and through us. Though there may be deserts that we walk in to everytime, there is a appointed oasis waiting to refresh us in the midst of it. Though we may walk through the wilderness, God has a pillar of cloud for the day and pillar of fire for the night in the midst of them all. Though we might not have the barns filled, the God who feeds the birds suddenly rains manna for the day and sends meat through the Crow. Though there might not be a river flowing by our side, yet God opens the dry rock to make the water quench our thirst and also in times of thirsty wanderings He makes the mara of bitterness to become sweet through His supernatural blessings of the Cross. Though we walk through the fire of oppression, it cannot burn even a strand of our hair because the Son of God will stand in our midst supernaturally and will protect them us His Presence. Though we walk in the midst of flood waters, it will not drown us because there is someone who lifts us out of it whenever it goes beyond our ability. Thus we as righteous humans become a battle hardened warrior who gets used to trials and tribulations, so that we will start to look for the joy and taste of victory which is going to come soon. To us who are sons and daughters of God by our day to day faith and guidance from God, every thought of ours is taken captive and every thought of God is made to reign instead in its place for the Glory of God, so that every thought is made to be a positive one through rejoicing in the Lord which we educate ourself progressively more and more with, which also carries us in to a ceaseless vacation of heaven often bringing heaven to earth. Arise and Shine O Righteous saint of God, your glory has come upon you in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!! Glory be to God!" — Abraham Israel

"Waiting time is never a wasted time as long as we live by faith and not by sight. God is not interested in just what we do, but rather what we are and what we become by His grace. That is why our soul gets to be the exact person God wants us to be, not by our intense activity for God, but rather by our waiting for the Lord to act in His way, in His time and in His pleasure. God waits for us even before we ever start to wait for Him, and remember that God acts only for those who wait for Him and Him alone, that is why waiting in patience for God is the real spirituality that we learn not in a day or two, but in our years of walk with God. Waiting may make our soul weary and sorrowful, but when the promises of God get fulfilled exactly in God's perfect time, there will be no greater joy to us, than to describe what we will inherit in our life which will stay with us for eternity. Because the joy we receive is a seal and a badge of honor from God given to us to reveal the Glory of God to humans and angels alike, all who have waited for God have never returned back empty handed even until today. In the end it is all about how much we have understood the heart of God and how we have experienced Him awesomely in our life on earth, that will be the great memories and reward for our eternity in which every small things we did will echo as big and great things in our eternity. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"You need not wait for a special calling from the Lord to do His work and extend the Kingdom of God in all the world in our generation, it is the apostolic calling of Jesus Himself which was given to all His apostles who were first good disciples have come to the Church again in these end of end times. We hardly have time to go to Church building and strategize our strategy to reach the nations any more, there is only time for us to watch and pray so that God may move us like on a chess board and through His master mind bring the greatest victory for the Church of the end of end times which is without walls that is coming in to existence now for the Glory of God. Behold, God is sending every believer to the world at large in our terminal generation, not physically but as a intercessor so that we do what He wants us to do individually and share it through whatever possible way to reach the Lost and bring them by even compulsion to enter the Kingdom of God before the Rapture of the Church happens soon. Get ready for the whole of heaven to work with you and bring great joy to you for now and for eternity ahead, if you could work according to the will of God for the Glory of God! Your every day life itself become a miracle of miracles with signs, wonders and unusual miracles taking place because God will be the one who will move you step by step in these end of end times if you are totally surrendered in to the will of God and are lost in Him. Keep working for the Lord and the harvester is bringing in the great harvesting machines right from heaven to accompany you, these are the very angels who have been waiting to take the assignments of the end time GREAT HARVEST through GREAT AWAKENING THAT IS AT HAND and bring great GLORY TO GOD in an unprecedented way that has never ever taken place since the beginning of the creation or ever will take place. There is something that is bigger than the original pentecost that is coming upon the world. The wave is huge, no humans can ever fathom it, but go along with the wave and not against it which will sweep people in to the KINGDOM OF GOD unto THE RAPTURE. Those who dare to come against the wave will be drowned like the Pharoah and His army drowned in to the sea. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"If we want to experience a life of wonder, sactifying ourselves for the Lord must precede it. We can never sanctify ourselves, but we can take the steps to do what the Lord has told us to do. Then God sanctifies us because He is the One who has claimed himself as the Lord who sanctifies us (Exo 31:13). If we take one step sincerely in our heart, God takes ten steps towards us to reveal Himself to us supernaturally. To experience the wonder of God in our lives perpetually, we must constantly look to the God of wonders to behold His face. If we focus ourselves on the wonders happening around us and forgetfully leave behind the God of wonders, soon we will hit a place of dryness in our lives and the soul will cry out for the reality of experiencing the wonders which comes only with the Presence of God staying within us and revealing Himself to us. When Moses sanctified himself, he went in to the cloud and lost himself in God without even thinking of his own need for survival because the Presence of God is more than enough for a man to make Him live forever. When the people sanctified themselves, they just kept themselves clean physically and stayed far from the mountain of God to see Him physically from a distance. They saw God face to face like no other nation in the world, but the inner life of the Spirit was never received by them. Infact, they were more grumpy and whining and fuming about their lack, when God Himself was living with them to provide to them Himself out of His Glory. But Moses and Aaron and Joshua and other priests who moved further with inner santification, their souls were strengthened in the midst of the desert by God to make it bloom like a watered garden and a tree that is planted by the rivers of water. So our sanctification must go deeper than the physical wonders to spiritual wonders to be experienced by His Presence. Long for God and He will reveal himself long before you ever come to realize it fully. The deeper aspect of the deeper life is not in the soaking, but living in His Presence!! Draw near to God Himself, and He will draw near to you to keep you satisfied always in His Presence. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Pray until your problems get solved, keep giving your problems to God until you get relieved from it, bear your pain through God's grace until you get to learn patience through it. At the end it is neither about your problem, not it is about your pain, but rather it is all about how you have succeeded together with God that counts for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"The Cross not only causes forgiveness of sins, but in divine exchange our very righteousness has been reinstated as before the fall of man in to sin through the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Our wages for the sins we have commited, has been replaced by Jesus' sinless death taking the loads of sin upon Himself and thus instead putting on our account the gift of eternal life which is a token of God's appreciation towards us that confirms our peace with Him and the ability to have perfect fellowship without the problem of sin forever and ever coming inbetween as a hindrance towards approaching this holy God. Sin entered the world through one man our forefather Adam and the whole humanity became sinful, now through one Man our Lord Jesus Christ the righteousness of God has been restored for the Glory of God, and all believers have been declared righteous before God! Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"God's holiness is not an option to choose or leave, it is a intergral part of the personality of God that is non-negotiable and ever enduring to demand the same from those who are connected to its essence. This is why a believer can choose holiness to be a friend of God and be a pleasing child of Him, or make himself a enemy of God by choosing to reject the attributes of His holiness that is demanded as a prerequisite for His Presence to dwell in pleasure within us. If you choose to keep your body as a temple of God through holiness after you became His child, you will be preserved to prosper in all areas of your life and will be rewarded in the coming Kingdom of God which will be established in this present earth with the central command from the very Home of God in the New Jerusalem which will work inline with the New Heaven and New Earth where we will all reside in pleasure of His Favor forever and ever for the Glory of God after we will die and go on to be with the Lord to be Raptured at the end of time. Those who reject the holiness of God have rejected God Himself and His invitation to become a part of His-Story and will be destroyed just as they have destroyed the temple of God which is their body without holiness. Every believer cannot hide from the holiness of God, if they are a true child of God who is born again! Check with your faith whether it is true or bogus if you have no desire for holiness, and become a true believer to be saved by God for eternity ahead and enter in His glorious Kingdom now with holiness as your new nature within gifted by God to walk in it and practice it to sharpen its use to become skilful in it. Remember, without holiness as a desire put within you, you can never see the activities of God working in your life on earth now and forever!" — Abraham Israel

"The Cross not only causes forgiveness of sins, but in divine exchange our very righteousness has been reinstated as before the fall of man in to sin through the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Our wages for the sins we have commited, has been replaced by Jesus' sinless death taking the loads of sin upon Himself and thus instead putting on our account the gift of eternal life which is a token of God's appreciation towards us that confirms our peace with Him and the ability to have perfect fellowship without the problem of sin forever and ever coming inbetween as a hindrance towards approaching this holy God. Sin entered the world through one man our forefather Adam and the whole humanity became sinful, now through one Man our Lord Jesus Christ the righteousness of God has been restored for the Glory of God, and all believers have been declared righteous before God! Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"As much as Christ is the end of all law for righteousness, the very genes of God now has been defined through faith for righteousness now and forever in Christ Jesus. As many as those who have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior have got infused with the very gene of God, to now be called as the sons and daughters of God. Are you one?" — Abraham Israel

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Great Quotes


"A dark hour makes Jesus bright." — Robert Murray McCheyne

"I would say without any hesitation that the most urgent need in the Christian Church today is true preaching; and as it is the greatest and most urgent need in the Church, it is obviously the greatest need of the world also." — Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones.

"There are only two days on my and the day of judgement". — Martin Luther

"You may pay for the book in which the Gospel is contained; for the Church or chapel in which it is preached, for the minister who preaches it to you ... but, the Gospel itself is as free as the light that shines, as the rain and dew which fall from above; as the air which you inhale and as every other blessing of God." — John Bate

"The worst thing a book can do for a Christian is to leave him with the impression that he has received from it anything really good; the best it can do is to point the way to the Good he is seeking." — A.W. Tozer

"That book serves best which early makes itself unnecessary, just as a signpost serves best after it is forgotten, after the traveller has arrived safely at his desired haven." — A.W. Tozer

"The evangelist who preaches for eternity is never great on numbers. He is not apt to count hundreds of converts where there is no restitution, no confession, and no glad cry which proclaims, 'The lost is found, the dead is made alive again!'" — E.M. Bounds.

"We can never become greater than Jesus, because He is our Great Teacher who is our Lord God and we are the students of His. But we can be like Him if we follow Him truly and practice what He teaches us everyday of our lives on earth, so that we too can be rewarded just like Him through partaking in God's Divine nature as sons with which we inherit His eternal glory that becomes our rightful inheritance!" — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The secret life of a believer which make him decay internally should be corrected in the time of repentance given by God privately, so that we might not come crashing down on the day of storms which comes to test our strength us through judgment, when the private becomes public where all our secret life and pet sins of our thought life and actions will be made know to all especially for those who have the suit of honor and anointing over their lives which people honor. The sooner we repent, the faster we will retain the honor and keep ourselves from embarrasments. To whom much is given, much will be required by the Lord." — Abraham Israel

"When God wants us to do something eternally worthwhile, he will tell us and lead us in to sacrifice of faith, where He will never leave us nor forsake us, and will join in to become a partner and partaker in our difficulties and suffering until we finish that which He has started in our life so that we might glorify God in all things which He has planned in our earthly lives to acheive. God will not tell us to do something unless He has already planned to partake in the fulfillment of it. If we are in a place where we find that it is difficult for us to move on any further even though we are in the will of God, relax and let go and let God, nothing is impossible with God who is in partnership with you! You are never alone when God is the one who has started a good thing in your life, He will finish it to the end because it is His Glory that is at stake!!! He is a jealous God who never lets his children who trust Him through His Word ever get ashamed! He knows us personally by name, every single one of us who trust in Him even through there are billions of people in the world alive just like us." — Abraham Israel

"There is a time to sleep, there is a time to be awake. Now is the time to be awake, arise and look up! Those who will be left behind in the Rapture will be those who choose to sleep and not be serious enough to get saved when it was high time not just to be saved but also to be awake spiritually! To be awake is to understand the times we are living, in relation to eternity and pray accordingly to God to make us be what He wants us to be. Let go and let God and you will not sleep but rather rest in Him to be alive and awake for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"What a blessed priviledge God has given to the sons of men like us to become a partaker of the very Divine Nature which is not like silver, gold or wood with no breath of life, but rather with every breath of life we take in and give out, we now as the children of God who believe in Christ Jesus have the good choice to reject our own way to crucify it and choose wisely God's way to respond to each and every situations that come to us no matter whether it is good or bad. God's choice will always be the best and bring the best result in every situation of this life and in the life to come. There is no human or angel to think of a better choice for us, and lead us in to life everlasting for every good choice we take in this life no matter what the cost that comes along with it. The product we define within us as a deposit of the nature of God which we acquire more and more each day, is finally worth infinitely more than the temporary price of suffering to the flesh which we overcome by God's grace, and it will last with us for eternity ahead as a badge of honor and glory over us which we will cherish in the new heaven and new earth! Every moment we walk in it will be a eternal bliss and like a momentous eternal vacation of joy indescribable and peace that passes our finite understanding which we take out of this world to return again to this earth once we have learned to deposit it within our soul to make our body work inline to the perfect will of God by training it. Warriors are not just born, but they are made by every choiceful training they undergo to make themselves to be one, this is the same in the arena of spiritual warriors too who have a deposit of great quantity of God's nature within them! It is God's desire that we do not have just a perfect spirit with the Divine nature within, but He is pleased when we fight to make the soul and body become filled with the deposit that we as a child of God already posses. Our eternal reward remains hidden within us and every one who will be ready to lose anything to buy and acquire it now, will at the end gain everthing he would have desired for in the world to come. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"If Christ cannot be preached through each and every Scripture, then there is nothing to preach at all in Christianity, as the Holy Men of God moved by the Holy Spirit spake of Christ who is to come, of which the apostles understood and spoke of Christ who had come exactly as the Scripture had said. We as a believer in Christ, speak of Christ who lives in us just as the apostles predicted and prophesied to us regarding this great revelation of salvation. Chirst died for the forgiveness of our sins on the Cross and justified us from it through rising up on the third day, to now forever live for us and come very soon to take us to the place which He has prepared for us all in the new heavens and new earth. The Kingdom of God reveals itself not in words, but in the supernatural powers expressed through the message of the Cross. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The time inbetween the Good Friday and Easter Resurrection were by the the longest time for the whole of heaven to wait with bated breath, waiting for the prince of life to break out of the belly of the earth shell so that He could show the universe how death on earth will be overcome by the life of heaven through our dear only and only Lord God Jesus Christ." — Abraham Israel

"If you and I are alive and well today, it is nothing but the grace of God which made the bad friday of the death of the prince of life Jesus Christ to become a good friday for us through which we receive the forgiveness of all sins." — Abraham Israel

"What we have as strength within are not something that God has given us out of our faithfulness towards him, but rather it has all been given to us for our weakness so that God might be glorified all in all." — Abraham Israel

"Obedience to God through faith is the perfection of the godly, while disobedience through unbelief is the imperfection of the ungodly in the eyes of God. It is better to obey than to sacrifice the the sacrifice of the fools which God hates!" — Abraham Israel

"You and Jesus can do all things, anything and everything impossible for humans naturally, but without Him working in you, with you and upon you, you cannot do anything to make a eternal difference and mark of achievement either in your life or in the life of others. Give glory to God for the Lord Jesus Christ who has been given to us in a personal way through the power of the Holy Spirit by our loving Heavenly Father in Heaven because of His unconditional and never ending love towards us, so that He could work in us as we allow Him to work through us individually and personally to bring Glory to God for eternity ahead. Amen! Glory to God!" — Abraham Israel

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Friday, April 3, 2020

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"No matter what season of life you are in, it is never late to sow the Word of God in to your heart. Because every sowed seed will come to fruition and harvest very soon to fill you heart with joy, peace and righteousness to bring a everlasting harvest for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"No one can be buried rich, except those who are in Christ Jesus who have stored their treasures in heaven." — Abraham Israel

"No one is born rich, but you can die rich if you have consciously chosen day by day to store your treasures out of this present world in the world of Christ Jesus in the new heaven and new earth to come." — Abraham Israel

"God has no surprises, because it is He who is the author and finisher of all things seen and unseen. If we do not want to get surprised of what is coming on to the world, we need to make a resolution to read and devour the Bible like never before and pray to God like never before to live a repentant lifestyle of greatness day after day in these dangerous and stressful times which keeps us always ready for the Rapture. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"The wise build their inner life through wisdom which gives happiness, while the foolish blame the outer world for their failure, and continue in their unhappiness." — Abraham Israel

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