Monday, August 15, 2016

Apostolic Quotes

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"Jesus never promised streets of red carpet or rose beds to walk on this earth, instead pragmatically as He had already seen and faced constant troubles in His supernatural walk on earth as a human, He told his disciples who can only be a disciplined followers of Him to expect troubles in this world as it was ruled by the arch enemy Satan and his cohorts through their deceit over humans. But as He was victorious in His walk on earth, He knew that if we as His followers would just have faith in His walk and walk the talk on earth by faith believing with our whole heart that Jesus has already won the war for us, it would allow Jesus to defend us all in His time by stepping in to fight the battles of ours to overcome and make us all victorious just like how the Holy Spirit was victorious through Him over Satan and his minions while he walked on earth. So Jesus is again saying to us, I shook the earth when I walked upon it, be cheerful when you face troubles because now once again supernaturally I am going to shake the earth and overcome the evil element of Satan and his cohorts through you again and again and again for God's Glory! Soon Satan will be crushed under your feet my friend...says the Lord who is your friend who sticks closer to you than a Brother! Remember those who live by faith and crush Satan under their feet, Jesus promised not a temporary red carpet or bed of roses, but streets of gold to walk on in their permanent home in New Jerusalem!" — Abraham Israel

"All our disappointments can become a potential appointments of God, if we can start to praise God and not allow the situations around us to arrest us under its control. Praise turns the curse in to a blessing, a disappointment in to a Divine appointment, a weakness in to a supernatural strength, a fallen man in to a faithful man, etc... As we look to God let us trust God always to praise Him all the time and keep believing that as God's destiny direction pointers of disappointments come in to our life, surely it will unlock the potential to walk in God's favor over our lives. With God success is failure turned inside out!" — Abraham Israel

"When we lose consciousness of our self and are lost in the glorious consciousness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that is when God gets most glorified in us and we get glorified in Him." — Abraham Israel

"A mind that is positive will always be faith filled mind. Keep you faith safe within, and renew your mind with God's promise when situations all around you cry out at you that it is useless for you to believe. Your faith is important to God, it makes you a winner at the end when no one else except God knows that you will succeed in the end because of your faith." — Abraham Israel

"God's pre-appointed time of our miracle is the most precious time to us because it has been planned by God before the foundation of the world, so waiting time is not a wasting time, but rather a time to thank God, praise God and give all the Glory to God till the miracle happens in His time." — Abraham Israel

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