Saturday, July 14, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"When Jesus cried out "It is finished!" before He died on the Cross, it was the greatest cry of the one and only spiritually victorious warrior God-man till date, who at that point of time knew within Himself that mankind need not be anymore affected with the curse of sin, sickness and death because God has accepted his sinless soul as a payments for all their debts forevermore. Now all those of us who believe in Jesus can experience all the blessings of God and shout "It is finished!" to all the people of the world who still thinks that they must do something to please God, when God has already received the payment for the debt of sin of all humans from Jesus and has justified all those who believe in Jesus. In other words, God is very pleased with you always if you have believed in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and sees you through the sacrifice of Jesus which was made on your behalf and considers you as though you have never sinned at all. Now it is the privilege of all the children of God who has believed in Jesus to experience fellowship with God freely, boldly and without fear of punishment for your sins now and forevermore! When God saved you the moment you believed in Jesus, God has forever declared through Jesus that there is no more work to be done towards God in order to please Him anymore, because the work of Jesus done on the Cross for you substitutionally has satisfied God's heart of justice forever and ever. Praise the Lord! Enjoy walking daily with God." — Abraham Israel

"When you do what is possible with God's guidance and partnership through His empowerment, He will do what is impossible with men in partnership with you." — Abraham Israel

‎"In the Old Testament times there was no guarantee of God staying with the people of God to bless them continually if they get deceived by sin to forsake the Lord and not seek Him, but thank God in the New Testament God has promised all of us that no matter what may, He will never leave us not forsake us forever because God is seeing us as already perfect in Jesus and does not see us apart from Him. Now all we need to do is to believe what God has already said about us in Jesus and live in the blessed zone of friendship with God forever." — Abraham Israel

"Smiling at people is the easiest way to convey the love of God from our heart to the hearts of other people without even opening our mouth. The only gift of happiness that you can give people freely that doesn't cost you anything but mean everything to others is to smile at them even when you don't feel like it. When you feel that people just stare at you the next time, it means they need your smile to give them a cordial assurance of unspoken friendship. When our heart values the image of God in which people are created, our face automatically smiles at them seeing the magnificence and uniqueness of God in creating and designing each person individually different from ourselves and others. Your smile conveys to others that you are not judgmental of anything that is different in them instead you are happy for everything you see in them. Be someone who puts a smile on others face and enjoy it immensely when you see that smile that definitely makes a difference in this unhappy world with out God. We should smile to people just the way God smiles at us in Christ Jesus all the time unconditionally! Remember to smile to all the people all the time, because you lose nothing by doing it, but instead you gain everything when you do it from your heart." — Abraham Israel

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