Sunday, February 24, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"It is easy to waste our lives in fun, froth and frolic when we are young and seek God later desperately knowing that all these time consumers have consumed our lives in vanity and therefore can never satisfy the God shaped hole in our lives. But seeking God early in our young lives, learning to love Jesus with all our heart through prayer and meditating on His word means much to God who will bless our later lives so much that our lives will continue to be more and more exciting as we grow older. When we have wasted our life on God, a touch of eternity will get imbibed in our mind to make us dwell in satisfaction and safety which comes to us because of the consciousness and nearness of His indwelling Presence. We can waste our precious young lives on God and gain abundant heavenly life for the rest of our life time on earth or we can waste our young life on ourselves and then as we get older become more emptier than ever before in our lives. So choose wisely when you are young. Pray much and learn the word of God more and more each day. Learn to invest for eternal dividends and not just on temporal ones." — Abraham Israel

"Have you been longing for more of God? Seek God alone and in silence, God can be found easily in the silence of the wilderness than in the hustle bustle noises of your everyday life. Noises distracts your soul away from eternal things of God, silence attracts it. When life itself is given to search and find God, may you find the purpose of your existence in seeking God!" — Abraham Israel

"Best friends are those who stay with you when all others choose to give up on you. Best friends stay with you not because they get something out of you, but they have learned to accept the differences and have learned to let go of all your short comings. God can be your best friend because He has chosen to accept you just as you are and have promised to never leave you nor forsake you. There can never be any better friend than God when you have him as your best friend in life. So much to share with God when He is your best friend and something to care about until you feel as light as a bird on the air." — Abraham Israel

"When you obey God's command, God will bless you. When you feel like you are not blessed even after you have obeyed God, be patient enough to realize that God is making you to be a blessing. The greatest blessing we can ever receive from God is to be a blessing to someone in need!" — Abraham Israel

"You cannot live in the supernatural unconditional love of God, unless you realize that Love in itself is a gift of grace from God who pours out in to the hearts of those who ask Him. Love is not a feeling, thought or a one time experience, but it is God Himself who expresses His character through humans who love to live like Him. It is easy to love our enemies when we take a good choice to ask the Lord to touch our hearts with the grace of love." — Abraham Israel

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Great Quotes

Ḡґℯαт ℚυø⊥εṧ : 

"The whole idea of the prayers of the saints is that God's holiness, God's purpose, God's ways may be brought about irrespective of who comes or goes." — Oswald Chambers

"God could have shown up at any time, but over and over in the Bible, He revealed Himself when people began to pray.” — Jim Cymbala

"For the details and duties of everyday life, we need the touch of eternity, and it is available to us in answer to believing prayer." — V. Raymond Edman

"In time of problems and perplexities for which there seems to be no answer or any source of help, our natural temptation is to want to know how prayer can be answered. That is a subtle way of wanting to walk by sight, and not by faith. On the contrary, if the difficulty and distress cause us to draw closer to the God of all grace and comfort, we shall come to know Him better, and leave to Him the matter of answering prayer in His own way...Thus it is always - not how but who." — Raymond Edman

"We can never be a true man or a woman of God unless we breathe prayer in our thoughts towards God and know Him as our best friend in life." — Abraham Israel

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