Saturday, July 16, 2011

Great Quotes

Ḡґℯαт ℚυø⊥εṧ : "Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and the angels know of us." - Thomas Paine

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ : "All the riches we have on earth is given to us in order to use it for the Kingdom of God and deposit eternal riches in our heavenly eternal bank account." - Abraham Israel

Art of Living #12

Åґ☂ ◎ḟ ʟ☤√ḯη❡ #12 : "But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ." (Rom.13:14).
Ѧ℘☺﹩☂◎łḯ¢ €ϰ℘øüηḓ : To put on the Lord Jesus Christ means to take a conscious choice to depend not on our own righteousness but on the perfect righteousness of Jesus which God has put in to our heavenly spiritual bank account on the day we received Him as our Lord and Saviour. Father God was so pleased with the sacrifice of Jesus which was done on behalf of us that he foresaw it all and began to distribute all His riches to his sons who have received Jesus by faith. Like beggars and clothed in the rags of our self-righteousness we came to our Father God, but because of the transferance of all His wealth in to our accounts through Jesus, suddenly we have become billionaires of the heaven kind.

Now Father God sees us all as a billionaires son spritually and in all other way through Jesus Christ his only begotten Son. IT IS HOW WE SEE OURSELVES IN FAITH THAT WILL MAKE US LIVE EITHER AS GOD'S SON OR CONTINUE AS A BILLIONAIRE WITH A BEGGARISTIC POVERTY RIDDEN MENTALITY. You can't change a beggar to be rich until you change the way he thinks about himself. So choose daily to wear this royal robe of righteousness by being conscious of it which Christ Jesus has given to you freely and personally. I bet you, you will never be the same person of your past but will have to strength say no to sinful temptations and overcome in the present time for the GLORY OF GOD! Blessings....

Great Quotes

Ḡґℯαт ℚυø⊥εṧ : "Never be afraid of giving up your best, and God will give you His better." - James Hinton

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ : "God does not love us because he feels good about it, he loves us because he is love." - Abraham Israel

Art of Living #11

Åґ☂ ◎ḟ ʟ☤√ḯη❡ #11 : "But he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever." (1 John 2:17).
Ѧ℘☺﹩☂◎łḯ¢ €ϰ℘øüηḓ : Doing the will of God is not a easy thing to do, but it is worthwhile for eternity ahead. Many times as choices come to us, we see through the temporal glass of earthly benefits and miss eternal benefits which are more important in relation to God and eternity. When choices come to us, immediately we should tell to God to influence us in such a way that only His perfect will should be done in our life as it is already planned in God's blueprint in heaven. What will happen is, doors that might seem to be good to us might closed many times and doors which we might think as a normal thing might open up. Here lies in it the wisdom of God, God's greatest gift come to us without any wrappings over it and in seemingly insignificant ways.

But exactly opposed to it is the wordly packages that Satan might bring, with wrappers so glamourous and claiming things that are not really inside it. At that moment of time, we should learn to say to God, "Lord not my will, but thy will be done in my life." Believe me, you will be the most blessed person for eternity ahead when you respond to God like that. God's heart will be filled with joy and satisfaction to bestow all the benefit of heaven for such a person like that. God always puts a invisible mark over such people to keep them close to His heart. Do you want to be one such person? God is waiting for you, just let Him in to your life and He will abide in you forever. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE HAVING GOD ON OUR SIDE 24/7, AND TO ENJOY HIM AND BE ENJOYED BY HIM. Blessings....