Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God wants you to think eternally and not temporally because His intention is to bless you eternally and not temporally. Temporal blessings of life is very much earthly and will completely vanish once you die, God's eternal blessings of heaven stay with you forever and ever because you will not die and live for eternity because Jesus died and rose again on your behalf to justify you before God and make you live in His friendship forever. Never compromise yourself by looking on the temporal rather than the eternal because what you look at now either by faith or unbelief will decide how much wealth of endless life to come you will inherit in the coming days. You will be modeled spiritually on earth on how you look on the unseen now, for what you cannot see now you will become in heaven if you have seen it all and have lived on earth by faith in the reality of its existence, so that God can model you on earth for heaven's glory and authority that He wants to display through you for eternity." — Abraham Israel

"God challenged the Israelites to change their old Egyptian thinking that kept them in bondage, because even though they were legally and physically delivered from Egypt overnight, God had to deal them continually through the wilderness to take the darkness which kept them in bondage to itself in their mind, so that He could make their mind work with the principle of faith and help them experience heaven on earth. But sadly almost everyone except few young new generation faith warriors failed to renew their thinking and cooperate with God to make their mind experience heaven within them. God wants us to experience heaven on earth and wants us to fly high spiritually in great altitude all the time of our walk with Him on earth. If we renew our mind with the word of God and receive the faith of God from heaven, we will automatically please God without our self effort and will experience supernatural strength to inherit all the blessing that God has for us in our lives. Let go of yourself to sit as co-pilot with God and let God take the driver seat, and your will always fly high spiritually as a result of it!" — Abraham Israel

"The moment we equate and then magnify our spiritual experience greater than the written Word of God, we are at the grave danger of falling in to delusion that will make us suffer sorrows of great proportions. God himself has magnified His Word even greater than His great name because He Himself has tied Himself to fulfilling what He has said and abides by it, why not with us who are having fallen sin nature which blurs our spiritual eyes now and then if we are without the perfect guidance of His Word that gets quickened and given as a now Word by the Spirit. If the Word of God is not kept as a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path, soon we will get lost in some spiritual delusion from the evil one who is subtle enough to deceive even the most spiritual men and women of God by its lies and deceit." — Abraham Israel

"When you have a simple faith that says,' The God who has taken me this far will also help me go thus far till I reach the end of the destiny that He has for me,' believe me you have more than enough fuel to keep moving on in your spiritual life no matter what hardship, trials and temptations come your way to distract you from reaching the ultimate that God has for you. No hindrance can ever be able to stop you, nor keep you in its grip for long because that simple faith in your heart will rise up every time you are in need and make God move on your behalf and give victory all the time. When you have that simple but yet effective mustard seed size of faith within you, you can throw away any mountain that comes to block you from your destiny that God has for you! God hands that has carried you this far is so wide, long and awesome, that you cannot fall out of it, and therefore He will carry you the rest of your way. Keep your faith till the end because it is precious!" — Abraham Israel

"When you walk by faith in the night, each step you take will be lit by God's heavenly light from above so that your destiny will become nearer and nearer than when you first began, and your path will become brighter and brighter until you see the whole vision of God before you as clear as the noon day sun shining in actuality before you. Even though it is dark around you, keep walking in faith with where you cannot see, soon you will see in light of God's revelation what you cannot see in dark because God always sees you faith and leads you faithfully as you believe more and more. Keep believing in God's precious promises and you will throw away the darkness of unbelief to attract the favor of God which will lead you in to His destiny for your life!" — Abraham Israel

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