Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"When we start to delight ourselves in the Lord, the very desires of our heart get transformed and aligned with the thoughts of God. Once we reach this place in our spiritual lives, God will easily do His will through us, and as a result of His doings we will be always be satisfied with all our heart desires which God will have given to us whenever there arises anything. Not an iota or a spot of our soulish desires will be able to rule us in this blessed state of rest, but the righteous desire of all that God wants to do through us will always stay within us effortlessly and guide us in to our destiny, thus bringing and attracting all of heaven to support us to succeed in our holy and sanctified pursuit to please God always in our lives in all situations." — Abraham Israel

"Every failure that we face repeatedly is one more opportunity to make us understand that we are weak in ourselves but with God's strength we can overcome and live for His Glory! God gives His mercies repeatedly to make us appropriate His grace which will make us reign over sin, sickness and death. So never be discouraged when you fail, it is actually doing more good to make you trust the Lord with all your heart and love Him no matter what comes you way. Don't run away from the Lord when you fail, instead run to Him for He is always waiting for you to come to Him so that you can get helped to be a over-comer who wins even when you have failed." — Abraham Israel

"God is never enthralled by anything we do for Him, but when we hold the faith with praise in our heart giving glory to God who has given us our faith even when we do not see His provision come at the expected time, God is delighted with that kind of great faith that does not give up its heartfelt gratitude toward God even when nothing seems to happen. Those who have great faith are those who hold simple faith for so long that God is delighted to see their endurance and eventually He step in to the scene of their lives to not only provide them their need but also bless them eternally with something greater than their immediate needs, which is God's spiritual blessings which empowers the receiver of it to live an abundant life of heaven on earth. God's delays are never denials, but it is a test of faith which makes us become honored in God's sight!" — Abraham Israel

"The message of the gospel as the power of God has been proved again and again when wicked primitive savages and cannibals who are no better than animals in their behavior, have been transformed and changed from the inside out and have been made to shine their inner light to the world which has always looked astonished at it. The world cannot question about the inner power when it sees the outer change so clearly and authentically in our day to day lives. The best way to prove the power of the gospel and demonstrate it to the world is to live it ourselves before we speak to others about it! We only have to be ashamed when we hold a gospel without the greatness of its power to demonstrate it to the world that eagerly looks for a reality to experience. We will never be ashamed with a gospel that our lives demonstrate! Your life testimony means much to others than your words you use to convince them to believe." — Abraham Israel

"Satan and all his demonic cohorts are very limited and minuscule in what they can do to us because without the sovereign permission of Jesus who is in us, they cannot even move their smallest finger at us or at their best come against us. Jesus has not only taken his place of residence in heaven, but has received the sovereign authority of God to rule over the nations of the earth now for the last two thousand years. Because Jesus is on our side within us, no powers of hell can ever overcome us. Satan and his demons are always under our feet when we are aligned under Jesus power from within. No one can over power us when we are under the power of Jesus which is the highest power in the whole universe!" — Abraham Israel

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