Saturday, August 26, 2017

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Choose a moment and make it how you want it to be, you can be joyful in the Lord knowing by faith that God is working on your behalf to make all things as awesome success, or neglect it for some cheap worrisome attitude of fear to make life more negative and difficult for yourself. Each moment may not be perfect by itself as our natural mind stays where we want it to be. Mind is like a garden, when we weed out, then we seed in to make it prosperous. Take the negative thoughts and give it to God as captive, then sow seeds of faith from God and His Word, then you have a beautiful mind like a garden. God has given us the power of taking a good choice that will lead to successive perpetual perfect moments of peace within that also has the ability to bring wholeness of shalom, prosperity and rest to all areas of our life. Create perfect moments perpetually to make life more exciting, because you have the power of choice to rejoice in the Lord anytime you want! When we learn to thank, praise, be grateful, be content to feel and show great joy for what the Lord Jesus has already done and is doing for us, we actually rejoice! We truly learn about living life the way God wants us to live only when we live a life of joy. " — Abraham Israel

"Looking back in life drags us to drudgery, looking forward in life always enumerates us to excitement of the destiny that God has promised to fulfill in and through our life on earth which has the potential to rejuvenate us now and reward us in to eternity! Live now but look forward, looking on to anything else in life is useless because we cannot change. Change what you can, leave the rest to God because He only has the potential to work out even our past in to something good for our amazing future which He has in store for us!" — Abraham Israel

"Love never fails, if that love has come to us and through us from Christ Jesus who is the embodiment of God's love to us in human form." — Abraham Israel

"Many books come and go, but the Book that breathes and lives alive now as much as when it was written is none other than the most printed Book in all the world until now, the Bible. So read many books, but learn to live in the Bible to feel the freshness of its breath and be alive to God forever in your life." — Abraham Israel

"We as Christians pursue perfection not to become a perfectionist or even come to a time or a place where we deceive ourselves in to thinking that we have already attained perfection that God demands, but we pursue perfection to prepare ourselves to keep pursuing to get conformed to the nature of Christ which we lack throughout our life. We lack Christ's nature in perpetual fullness as we are ruled naturally by sin nature of our forefather Adam by birth, yet by the grace of God we are able to avail the nature of Christ in time and place to reject our sin nature by our faith in a God who helps us overcome our sin nature through helping us to let out the new nature of Christ, which becomes dominant day by day for the Glory of God. In other words, though we have not yet reached the place where we should be, but thank God that we are not where we used to be in our pursuit of perfection. Sin nature ruins us, Christ nature renews us to be transformed in to His very own likeness. Reject sin and self, receive Christ's righteousness more and more!" — Abraham Israel

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