Sunday, January 10, 2016

Apostolic Quotes

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"The impermanence state of life on earth for a Christian is not only realized as a period for training and placing for a supernatural higher order of extravagant life of permanence in heaven, but also they walk with utmost of rejoicing for having put them in this race as a child of God who are permanently heavenly Citizens and temporarily earthly citizens of each country of the world." — Abraham Israel

"When the devil and his evil minions bothers us, we need to recheck ourselves where we have failed to submit to God and then give those areas in willing submission to God, then we should command and cast out the spirits of evil out of us so that those may not dwell in the flesh of ours to cause continual trouble to us to obey to its lusts. We can only resist the devil by using the name of Jesus and commanding evil that tries to keep us under its control to leave. When a spirit leaves, you will know liberty within you and the chains of bondage broken in Jesus name. Sin though it may try to oppress us, it cannot have dominion over us because Jesus has already set us free from its evil power, so that we are free. Then in sincere gratitude for all of God's goodness and freedom, draw near to Him and allow the Lord to draw near to you by opening every area of your life for Him to access and keep it under His control. In this we find abundant life restored again and again." — Abraham Israel

"The greatest mistake that should be avoided by a child of God is to try to prove themselves to others, this will make them miserably go low on faith and high on unbelief to make their life lived not worth the investment that God has done within them to live victoriously and abundantly. When we live our life to please God, what men think of us is not worth it to be considered as we do not exist to please them. Keep yourself in the narrow road of faith that pleases God always, you will never be misled in to a dead end road in this life or in the life to come!" — Abraham Israel

"The time in which we have begun to trust the faithfulness of the Lord and the time in which we are bombarded with a decision to take to move forward in our lives, are the times most of our trials hit us severely. During the time of our trials if we remain close to the heart of God in communion and intimacy with Him, we shall ask 'Which way Lord?' and will wait until the time He says, 'This is the way, walk in it for the Glory of God!' Waiting time is not a wasted time when we actually wait for God to direct our ways in to His Glory." — Abraham Israel

"As we grow older and mature in our spiritual life, the spiritual temple of our body which holds the glory of God becomes bigger and bigger, better and better so that the glory of the latter house of our spiritual body in our old age will be greater then the glory of the former house of our spiritual body which we had when we were young. Always remind yourself, no matter what you go through or have gone through in life, though our physical body is getting older and older, God is strengthening our inner man of His Temple to get renewed and grow bigger and better each new day to hold more and more of His Glory. GLORY TO GOD!" — Abraham Israel

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