Monday, August 20, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Jesus Christ our Lord sends his holy fire from heaven that consumes all other unholy fires of sin, self and Satan that causes bondage to keep us in its evil sway. All works of sin that is repetitive and habitual have a evil demonic personality assigned behind it to keep us from moving forward spiritually, we might move one step forward but will be pulled back two steps backward. If this has been a story for decades and we are discouraged about it in spite of seeking God for deliverance, God has good news for you, the fire of heaven is released over all the earth like never before by Jesus Himself, to consume these counterfeit fires of hell that have ruled us in the past in spite of us hating it. Receive the fire of the Holy Spirit that consumes the dross and makes you become a mirror image of the Lord, receive more fire and more fire until you start to burn with it, and others start to come and watch you burn by that holy fire." — Abraham Israel

"Being judgmental of others starts with being lenient with our own faults, while being critical of others fault in a disapproving way. While in Jesus own words he said, while a big log blocks our own eyes to our own faults, why does our eyes search for someone else's fault to scrutinize even the smallest mistakes and show our disapproval in a very negative way that does not build them but break them in every way. The verdict of Jesus still stands, the way we judge ourselves should be the same scale we should use to judge others. The greatest temptation of a spiritual person is to become judgmental of others. While it may seem initially as a so called spiritual thing, it is a test that God puts us in to, to give us a self-check to know ourselves whether we have allowed pride of being spiritual to take over our lives in a manner displeasing to God. All it took Lucifer the 'son of morning' is a prideful moment of self exaltation, to fall and become dethroned from being the most special creation of the glory of God, and become a foolish empty rattler without the ever surpassing Glory of God. Being gifted is one thing, but being humble enough to judge ourselves first before judging others is totally another thing. While being critical makes us a shooting star, being critical first against our own mistakes and then using the same scale to judge others next, makes us a shining star to stay and grow from glory to glory, and makes us continue to hold on the mystery of the ever surpassing glory with us. Glory to God!" — Abraham Israel

"When God takes out something precious out of your life, he wants to substitute something temporal with Himself and His Presence which is eternal, that has the potential to make you a blessing to all the people groups of this earth. When God stays in the center of your life, all things will orbit around you rightly for His Glory. Great blessings come out of great sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving!" — Abraham Israel

"Heaven is where God reveals Himself, hell is where God restrains Himself." — Abraham Israel

"If we humans do not search and grope for the unseen Creator to find Him now, then we die like wild animals not able to find the goodness of God for eternity ahead. In other words, we start life and walk towards a dead end street, if we are wise and vigilant enough to spot the sign board and find the side rescue road that leads to endless eternal heavenward road in Christ Jesus then we end up finding purpose and meaning in this life, otherwise our purpose in life might end useless and our effort of survival becomes meaningless. It would have been better had we not been born to end up in hell fire for eternity without God and His goodness." — Abraham Israel

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