Monday, May 5, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"If someone have not understood Jesus as God, he has not understood Jesus at all. Jesus could not become our Savior if He has not been our Creator par excellence. Before God only the sinless lamb of God could become the Savior of all humankind because He is the Creator of all or else any tom, dick and harry could boast of becoming a savior whether it be humans or angels. If Jesus is not the Lord of all areas of your life, He is not your Lord at all. That is why we call Jesus as our 'LORD' first and then our 'SAVIOR' next. Knowing Jesus must go deep enough to get you saved from sin and death, that is to know Him as God your Savior personally. To say that Jesus is the Son of God is an acknowledgement that He is God the Son to the whole humanity!" — Abraham Israel

"Every time fear knocks at the door of our heart to threaten us in our natural state, everyone of those times we have a hidden opportunity to seek the face of God and be supernaturally victorious over it. We cannot keep ourselves from facing our fear, but we can keep God near ourselves to make Him deal the fear and make it flee away by His Presence!" — Abraham Israel

"When we are experiencing the glory of God's anointing in our lives, we know all that we receive from God is because of His unconditional favor towards us, and every prayer that God answers to us is because He considers us as His legal temple where He resides. O what a privilege to experience the goodness and mercies all the days of our lives and to hold the confidence that we will dwell in the favor of His Presence forever and ever!" — Abraham Israel

"Because we have become a citizen of heaven, our heart beats like that of a soldier in war in a distant land looking forward to return to their home land victoriously. No matter in which nation we all live around the world, the dual citizenship we hold is a mysterious one that the world cannot really understand. May we day by day receive more and more revelation about our homeland in heaven so that our heart will be excited enough to be lit by the Son-shine from above. The somber life of earth can only become an interesting one only when our heart beats for our homeland in heaven. When the life of heaven becomes a reality on earth, joy replaces sadness, life replaces death, hope replaces dullness, truth replaces doubts, faith replaces fear and excitement replaces familiarity. Fight the good fight of faith in all the spiritual warfare on earth, knowing that the next step takes you to the land where there is no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither pain nor suffering. You are on your way to greatness and celestial eternal gladness, so keep yourself as a good soldier of Jesus Christ looking forward to His return!" — Abraham Israel

"For humans who have learnt to walk by faith trusting in the goodness of God's mercy and grace, every moment they live will become a deja vu moment of ecstasy where they live what they have already dreamed of. Deja vu is French for 'already seen'. God dreams of you succeeding according to His will in your life. God has dreams for you that are good, peaceful and are better than the best you could ever imagine. That is why God dreams and then plants His dreams within you, as you keep walking in close relationship with Him, bit by bit all of those things that He has dreamed for you will become a reality by faith first and experience next. Thankfulness towards God increases and comes to us more and more when we see things happen like what we have already seen when God showed to us. Deja vu moments always increases our faith in God and makes us realize that our life is in the hands of God. Realize your God given dreams within and experience the power of heaven without!" — Abraham Israel

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