Saturday, May 25, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The name of a person represents His power, authority and status. When we call on the name of Jesus, we are covering ourselves with the authority, power and status of the Most High God over all in the spiritual world. The moment we are covered by invoking or calling on that name above all names which is the name of Jesus, all the demonic spiritual enemies that comes against us will have to submit to us and flee in all directions by our command towards it, because in the spiritual world, authority and power is the most respected thing that will terrify those who break it because of severe chastening that might come for law-breakers. Thank God for the name of Jesus and praise His name perpetually for delegating His power to us in it, and all hordes of demonic oppression's will flee away. No one can break the fortress of God, especially when that tower and fortress is God Himself who fights and makes all our enemies that come against us to flee. So rejoice in the name of Jesus again and again." — Abraham Israel

"When we have come to the place where we have found that in all our need we need nobody more than God, we will depend on God to not only provide all our need but more than that we will expect Him to work in such a way that we will blossom and bloom prosperously till we become a beauty of a continual blessing and fragrance to all others who are surrounding our lives. When we hope in God, we can never go nope!" — Abraham Israel

"God doesn't need talented men to extend His kingdom because most talented people are prideful of their own talent even when it is God who has gifted them when they were actually planned by Him. God needs broken men who have no confidence in their own abilities, because when these men are supernaturally used by God, they always remember to be grateful and thankful toward God for using them mightily even when they have no talent to exhibit and will give glory to God for what happens through their lives and ministries. The moment God calls a foolish person who is a fool in his own eyes, God exhibits great wisdom through them. When a depressive person is called by God, he will be empowered to disperse the oil of gladness to others. When a sickly person is called, he will be healed enough to be used to heal others. When a suffering person is called, he will be used by God to comfort others. Only those who know what it is to suffer can only be able to understand and empathize to pray for those who go through similar situations in their lives. What does this convey to us? God doesn't call the qualified people, but qualifies all those whom He calls so that no flesh shall glory in His Presence. The next time you feel that you are not talented enough and fit enough to serve God, remember it is you that God has been searching for to extend His royal kingdom. Submit yourself in to God's will for your life, and you will not even have a single dull moment in your lifetime!" — Abraham Israel

"God doesn't want a single Christian to be sullen, discouraged, hopeless and sorrowful even for a single moment of their life because He is working constantly behind the scene to change both the good and the bad that are happening in their lives to only work for their good progressively as each thing gets in to fruition in its time. We do not know our end and that is why we become easily discouraged if we think that something is not working for us on a particular day or over a period of time, but God knows the expected end that He has planned for our lives. So God wants us to rejoice all the time because He is working out the expected pre-planned end that He has custom designed for our lives. Nothing can go amiss as God is in full control of our lives, and if we choose to rejoice irrespective of the circumstances we face each day, soon we will start to live by faith with expectation of what God is going to do through our lives moment by moment. Rejoice and again I say rejoice to remind you that you should not forget releasing that joy of heaven that God has kept within your heart, as God expects you to live in joy on earth itself as it is in heaven so that you might enjoy every moment of your earthly life for the glory of God." — Abraham Israel

"The very mark of a man or a woman of faith is the courage to be different even when the people around them misunderstand, hate and make a butt of a joke about them for reaching for the invisible which they themselves could not fathom with their natural mind. But as time passes by and you become blessed enough to reach the dream that you dreamt about, those very people who have mocked behind your back start to wish deep down within their heart of how they could have had the courage to do the same and be blessed like you are. Never see others and want them to be in your boat when you feel that their faith is not the same like you, or else if you take them in your boat, you will never reach the destination that God has for you ahead. Sail where the wind blows and not where you want to go, soon you will be blessed enough to be a blessing to many. The lonely path of suffering to fulfill the vision is worth every ounce when you reach the perfect end that God has for you to fulfill the vision of God for your life. Keep on and keep in on moving by faith and you will have no regret in your life at all!" — Abraham Israel

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