Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"Those who are born from above by the supernatural power of God should set their mind heavenwards because they will soon wind up their pilgrimage on earth and will end up in a life with God in the heavenlies for which they have been called by God in Christ Jesus. The way we use our mind in a heavenly way now, will decide the reward and glory with which we will live the rest of our eternity in heaven with God. May we press on heavenwards in faith with our spirit, mind, soul and body in Christ Jesus till we die and go on to be with the Lord. We never know when this life will end, but as a child of God we know where we will end up after this life on earth is over and done. May the eyes of our heart from which our desires are emanated be set on heavenly things and treasures always, to script our success story with God." — Abraham Israel

"We are not the products of how others see us to be until we let ourselves believe what they have said to influence how we see ourselves. See yourself the way God has created you to be, not the way others see you with their clogged mind that see something different from what God made you to be. In short, how you see yourself in your own sight by the help of God is who you really are. See yourself rightly and others will see the way you see yourself! Never be afraid to follow your God given dreams and know what greatness He has uniquely put within you. You equip yourself to become the best for which you have been made, and others will come to realize that you are unique. Believe God made you to be uniquely you and no other person can be what you have been created to be!" — Abraham Israel

"We must remember not to react negatively, act violently and take anything personally to remember against someone if we are to fight a winning battle of victorious spiritual warfare. We should learn to maintain the positive attitude of forgiveness, mercy and faith to win over the negative demonic forces that try to build strongholds of hate, fear and unbelief in our mind. This education comes only when we realize that it is not the sword that gives victory to us in our spiritual battles but the cutting edge sword of the Spirit is what makes us victorious in the battle field of our mind through the quickened Word of God. Never fight people, instead love them unconditionally with you attitude and actions when you want to fight the devils and be victorious against them, know for sure that the devils can use anyone against you at any point of time, so you ought to overcome evil with the good character of God that lies with in you. Spiritual battles are not lost because of lack of power in God's children, rather it is lost because of the lack of will to let God do the fighting!" — Abraham Israel

"Christian life is not about living to succeed in this world, but it is a life of self denial to let God glorify Himself through us. It is to deny ourselves our legal rights to God as a bond-slave to fulfill His will for our lives, which will happen only when we know that we are not our own but are owned by God from the inside where He lives. God takes care of the need of every bond-slaves of His because they realize that they do not even have the rights to defend and take care of themselves. The best way to live your spiritual lives on earth is to become God's bond-slave. So, lose yourselves in God and come out finding what it means to live the best life now and for eternity. Only what you trust with God and commit in God's hands will stay with you for the rest of your eternity. Do not use your body for any uncleanness but in holiness learn to worship our Lord and glorify Him as He is our Master who has bought us in to this heavenly life through giving His own life." — Abraham Israel

"God's love is not a theory to understand, but can only be know experientially by those who have learned to call and communicate intimately with Lord God Almighty through the name of the Lord Jesus who is the bridge between humans and God. When you need love and forgiveness in the time of your spiritual need and poverty in spirit, do not run away from God instead run to Him because the moment you become bold to believe that God's mercy triumphs over justice, you will become the recipient of it as His child, because God's justice has been fulfilled by Jesus to make you experience just the goodness of God's grace and mercy now. What are you waiting for, fall into the hands of the God of love who can never deny His love to those who trust in His goodness." — Abraham Israel

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