Monday, March 25, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The diamonds are the hardest and the most expensive material which are made in the midst of extreme pressure deep under the earth, the souls which have suffered through trials, suffering and in the midst of extreme pressurizing situations of life on earth becomes the most blessed spiritual commodity in the whole universe. Suffering becomes the means through which the strongest souls and the most massive character are seared to reach the end of themselves and the beginning of the rise of more and more of God's glory over their lives. The scars of all the seared experiences of life becomes the very badge of glory and honor for the spiritual generals who have willingly gone through the waters and have not got drowned, walked through the fires and yet have not been burnt to death, walked through the mountains and yet have not been lost in the oblivion of loneliness and finally have come face to face with death by walking many a times through the valley of death and yet have come out to live life abundantly by denying its power over them, all because God walked with them right through out the journey of their lives. If you have been a good soldier of faith who have walked through much suffering in life, be ready to become the showpiece of heaven in the crown of our Lord Jesus. Be as bold as a lion to face the hardships of life and you will never regret for your boldness because of inheriting the blessedness of heaven permanently for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"When you give the first part and the best part of every area of your life, God will always keep you as the first and the best in every area of your life. No one can lose when they give God the best, because it get multiplied and comes back in hundreds, thousands and ten thousand ways we cannot fathom with our finite human mind and ways. No one can really become poor when we give God our best, cause they who give to God lend to the Lord and does not spend for the Lord. When God is given His rightful first place, you will be given your best place in your life journey." — Abraham Israel

"You can be victorious only when you know what to do when you do not know what to do, if you are with God as much as God is with you, you will know what to do when you do not know what to do. Things which are impossible with men are possible in partnership with God." — Abraham Israel

"The worst experiences of our lives are actually the best experience put together in puzzle by God to make us be patient enough to get it solved supernaturally through faith in God's timing, which not only solves it, but also it brings us through the glorious experience of walking closer with God and seeing victory in the end. God waits for all those who wait for Him to act on their behalf. When God has designed your lives journey, He has not done it for a easy passage and a uninteresting end, instead He has made a tough passage that gives you a elevated and a victorious exalted end. God has designed your present based on your fantastic future and this is the reason you are continually going through tough times and it seems that it never ends. God knows what He is doing by letting you through hard times, because you see the present it is confusing while He sees the future. That is why, when things seems like they are falling apart, actually they are falling together in to place where the puzzle of your faith life is solved more and more each day in to perfection that is assigned for your destiny. Your life is in the safest hands in the whole of universe, so just trust the wisdom of the Lord even when you feel that the direction of your life is getting from bad to worse. When it is the darkest, always know that the dawn is ready to break forth in to its fullness. So God has a great future in store for you, just keep thanking and praising Him always when you feel like giving up and you will reach your destiny safely." — Abraham Israel

"We all have sinned and have fallen short of the perfection of the glory of God by being born as sinners, but while we were yet sinners Christ loved us and gave Himself for us so that we could receive Him as our Lord and Savior to actually inherit eternal life with God. Though we were slaves to sin before we were saved, yet by the mercies of our Lord Jesus and the grace of God, we have been justified as righteous which means were were declared by God to be without guilt and just like as we have never sinned at all before His eyes. All men born as humans and live on the planet earth do sin and therefore are slaves to sin, but the saved people of God are those whose sins of the past, present and future are all completely forgiven by God and are remembered no more by Him. The present and future sins of the believer are confessed back to God for a cleansing of their soul by the blood of Jesus, thus it restores the fellowship back with God that gets severed when we do sin after we are saved. We are not slaves to sin anymore, having been made free from all sins through the blood of Jesus which has been the redemption price that was paid to God on behalf of us, let us become now slaves of righteousness unto God which we are already in Christ Jesus before God. Therefore let no believer in Christ ever be deceived to think that they are still slaves of sin because of their own poor behavior after they have been already bought as a slaved of God and set free to choose God's way moment by moment b y their belief. We are not saved by our behavior but by our belief in the Lord Jesus." — Abraham Israel