Thursday, September 4, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"When we as children of God in Christ Jesus come to understand that we have been created by our Creator God purposefully unique in our character, manner of speech and external outlook in order to exhibit that part of uniqueness and variety of God that has not yet been revealed to the world, then we will never want to compete with others instead we will begin to complement those which are different from us which are also unique mater pieces just like our self, who are all together created by our God to exhibit God's glory in a different way apart from us. Competing coughs up jealousy and hate which rips apart our self image which has been created uniquely by God, but complementing cuddles up our heart to openly express our sincere appreciation of others who are different and also keep intact our self image which is uniquely purposed in the Love of God which has sustained our lives and brings us to completion and satisfaction in God as we walk in its unconditional love towards others!" — Abraham Israel

"We are what we are, not by what has happened to us in our past, but by what we are believing our self to be according to the Word of God! We win by the positive choice we take to intentionally think on the good things of life and throw away by choice what does not edify us because of its negativity. God is not limited in His ability to work miracles, but He becomes limited by our inability to believe what He says Himself to be. Stop and flush all that is negative in your brain by starting to think on and apply what Jesus did to keep Himself positive to reach the ultimate glory designed for Him! When you follow the Leader, before you realize, you will be on the way to your destiny!" — Abraham Israel

"When you are waiting in faith, actually you should remember that God is waiting for you at the finish line of faith already to reward you with your miracle! Keep believing, you may be only one step to the finish line without knowing it or as you keep moving you are one step nearer to your miracle as you keep believing God's promises that has never failed. " — Abraham Israel

"We as God's children reflecting God on earth as He is in heaven is God's desire for all humanity. God created all humans in His image at the beginning of the Bible, we lost it all because of voluntary sin, then at the end of the Bible we see that all who had chosen God during the time in between the beginning and the end will not only gain His image now and regain what we have all lost without God, but also will one day gloriously reflect God in His kingdom forever as His sons and daughters." — Abraham Israel

"If you have been pierced with many sorrows in your Christian life, do not keep blaming the devil for your state of life, but check whether God or money has been your God in your life. Satan tempts you with love of money. If you have taken the bait, don't blame the devil, blame yourself and change your ways to have your life become centered in God. Money is the least thing with which God expects you to be faithful in order to inherit all great spiritual things in life. God or money, Satan is in fact not the next alternative to God but it is your money. Be faithful to God with your money, God will be faithful to you in all His promises of earthly and heavenly blessings forevermore. Remind yourself often that money is a good servant but a poor master who will make you eternally poor in faith towards God!" — Abraham Israel

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