Thursday, November 16, 2017

Apostolic Interpretation

Å℘◎ṧт◎ℓḯḉ Їη☂℮ґρґℯ⊥α☂☤☺η :

"The very reason Jesus became human in the flesh was to take away our sins, and you cannot find even a spot of sin in Him." (1 John 3:5, Abi's Translation).

"You know what a grace Jesus has given to us all through his life, though He was the Creator of us all and was rich in all things, yet He humbled himself to become a creation among those of us whom He created, so that at the end of it all we might become rich in Him through receiving God's kindness, His gracious generosity, His undeserved favor and spiritual blessing ultimately." (2Cor.8:9, Abi's Translation).

"Learn to release the joy of heaven within your spirit-man in to your soul, and again I say keep on practicing the art of rejoicing which is releasing all of the heaven's resources which is within your spirit in to your soul, keeping yourself always high in the emotion of the spirit with the reason being the victory of Christ Jesus achieved on your behalf which has brought down to you at hand all His heavenly blessings for now and for eternity for you to enjoy life in Him!" (Php 4:4, Abi's Translation).

"The greatest mystery that the human mind is not able to comprehend naturally is the virgin birth of Jesus that brought the following thinking of godliness in to our lives: God became a human among us in the flesh, was found spotless and pure without sin by the Spirit, seen and served by all angels, His unique and powerful arrival as the only Mediator before God for all humans was announced to all nations around the world and people like us have believed the message of this gospel to be transformed as new creation in Him. Finally with a promise made to us to come back very soon and take us to our Heavenly Home in the New Heaven and New Earth, Jesus Christ our Lord has left the earth when He was taken up by God in to the Glory of Heaven which was rightfully His forever." (1 Tim 3:16, Abi's Translation).

"I am the God who is far and near at the same time, as time, space and matter doesn't exist as a restraint to me, I live beyond it in eternity." (Jer 23:23, Abi's Translation).

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