Friday, June 29, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The world projects a real man to be a macho who is rough, rugged and who is very independent possessing a care for nothing attitude, God projects a real man to be meek and a faithful family man of love, faithfulness, concern, one who cries freely to God and is not afraid to show his emotion openly to all, broken by circumstances yet strong in God and the one who is totally dependent on God for everything. Do you know who wins in the end? Without fail the man who is projected by God who possesses all of God's qualities wins, because God stands on his side and then He makes sure that such man inherit the whole earth. So meekness is not weakness but it is a heavenly strength that is possessed by godly people and are exhibited by those who always win in the end. God always has the last laugh along with His people who love to live like Him." — Abraham Israel

"FAITH is a fight and therefore it is not for those who posses weak spiritual heart which gives in to unbelief when the circumstances are not favorable, but only for those who train themselves to believe God's word aggressively in the midst of unfavorable circumstances of life, like a warrior who gets trained in a hard way that as time goes by no opponent could stand before him because of his skill to defend himself and also defeat all his enemies. Faith is not passive-it's an action verb that emphasizes that you hear the word of God and believe it actively so that you are convinced that THE WORD OF GOD WILL SURELY HAPPEN and that you will see it happen for sure. When you grow stronger day by day by developing your faith muscle by training you mind to believe and think only inline with the word of God, all devils and demons will start to flee once they see you and will be terrified at your very presence. After you have worked hard by faith, YOU WILL not fail to EXPERIENCE AND ENJOY this BLESSED LIFE OF HEAVEN ON EARTH until you die! It is worth it, go for it till you die to yourself and live in God and only in Him alone!" — Abraham Israel

"Right words have the power to give life or cause death to a relationship. When you know that you have spoken in a hard and wrong way, learn to immediately ask sorry to those to whom you have spoken. It is easy to humble ourselves as finite humans who have made a mistake but at the same time as those who strive to be perfect, than to act as though we are perfect and break a God given relationship which cannot be regained back without reconciliation. Wounds made by fire easily heals, but those made by words are impossible to heal. Only God's grace can truly and completely heal a wounded and a broken heart. When you have a broken heart, seek God for supernatural healing and mending back. If you have broken someone's heart, ask sorry from the bottom of your heart and pray to God for them to get healed supernaturally by His grace. Learn to be a builder of relationships through right words and not a breaker of it through wrong ones." — Abraham Israel

"Every mess can be made a message, every test can be made a testimony, every trial can be made a triumph and every victim can be made a victorious valor, if only you let God steps in to your life and allow Him to work for His purpose to be fulfilled in His time. You are made by God for such a time as this to make a difference in this world that no one can but only you. You are placed by God to touch people with the goodness of God that no other person in the world can but only you. You are put by God in circumstances that no other person in the entire world has been put in to but you are, because God believes that only you can make a difference in your unique situations of life that no other person can. You can be the biggest blessing to your possible circle of friends, if you have let the Blessor of all people to live and reign in you! Think not and dwell on who you are in the limitation of yourself, but think who you can be in the unlimited possibilities of partnership in believing with God." — Abraham Israel

"The way you treat your parents with honor, respect, love and concern till the day of their death is how you will be treated by your children when you become old, so decide now how you want yourself to be treated by your children in their old age. When you honor your parents by supporting them emotionally, physically and financially in their old age, God has promised you a bonus of a long life along with the invaluable eternal reward for your love towards them. How we treat our parents is a test that God gives to all humans alike to know how grateful they are for what they have received from their parents all their lifetime. So win the test and show what you have learned from your Heavenly Father God is not a theory but a character that stays with you for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"How hungry are you for God is how much you will have Him? God cannot come in unless you let your self out. God cannot have you anymore than you are willing to let Him. God is a gentle man who respects the will of man in such a way that He will not take an inch of you unless you are willing to let go of your self. God's Presence will rule over your self will, or your self-will will rule over you. God is seeking to fill the empty vessels because those are the ones that have the space to accommodate God within. When God is all you have, He is all you will ever want." — Abraham Israel

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