Saturday, November 15, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Every struggle you go through, pain that you suffer with, turmoil that your mind experiences, sorrow that has come because of the loss of your loves ones, bitter cry to sleep because of the dire financial need that has stressed you, broken heart that has shot you with loneliness, the pressure to perform in your education and work place and the broken relationship caused physically, soulishly and spiritually in your life by the weaknesses of the flesh and its pulls have been know by God in the eternity past itself before He has put the foundation of the world in His sovereignty and omniscience. God is not surprised by your failures and hates you for it. In fact, He is the one who knowingly allowed you to face it so that you can understand Him to be the never changing friend and a ever present help for all your need. Do not experience any of the above by yourself, tell it to the Lord Jesus because He is the one who has died for you by carrying the penalty of your sins before God, He paid it all even much before you did it so that you could overcome by faith in Him all the failures that come in repeated cycles by denying to walk in the self pleasing and fleshly attitudes that has kept you under its grip. The moment you open yourself up to the Lord, immediately your load will be taken up by the Lord and you will feel relieved to face the beautiful day one more time with joy of heaven because He has made it personally for you to rejoice and be glad in it. God will for you is not for you to be sad and feel mad about how bad your life is, but to understand that God is good no matter what you are going through and are personally experiencing in you life. You can raise yourself high in joy and strength on what you consider as less than average day in your daily routines of your life, if only you can understand that this was the day God planned just for you to be happy in Him and not outside of Him by yourself. Share with God as the closest friend in your life because He is your confidant!" — Abraham Israel

Spiritual compromise makes a carnal Christian, but spiritual stand for God's righteous way of living will bring more of God's Kingdom treasures in to our lives more and more. God is not pleased with our religious attitude, but a obedient attitude that wants to please Him always no matter what goes on around us. You can walk with peace that passes all understanding to experience heaven on earth if only you can say no to the times flesh tries to feed on garbage of the world, but instead keep sowing the seed of the Word of God to overcome the pull of it. Keep sowing the Word of God to your spirit with the help of the Spirit of God, in the right season, you shall reap a great heavenly harvest of great imperishable spiritual riches which will stay with you for eternity ahead if you keep the faith and hold on to it to until the end." — Abraham Israel

"If we are truly born again in our spirit to have living and loving relationship with God through our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, then a change that is beyond our wildest imagination and our ability will take place progressively in our lives which will be seen by us and others around us. The belief that has not changed your life is not a living relationship with God, rather it is a religious death that stays with you with a formalism that is giving you false peace and security. Break the habit of religion by choosing to humbly ask God saying that you need Him in your life to make a change, difference and a turn around. Religion warms the Church pew, while relationship with God warms the heart. Religion professes faith with the mouth, while relationship with God practices the faith from the heart. Religion tries to please God by working things for God, while relationship with God gives thanks and praises to Him for making us already pleasing to Himself through the work of Jesus Christ done for us personally. Religion follows the law of God that brings sin and death, while relationship with God frees us to walk in His grace that reign over sin and death. Religion speaks and hears about the Word, while relationship with God makes us hear the Word and do them by His empowerment. Religion doesn't save, but relationship with God through Jesus saves us from sin, self and death for eternity. Religion empties us, while relationship with God fills the emptiness within us. Religion should not stop us with itself, but should move us further to a living relationship with God and that is the true religion that God requires." — Abraham Israel

"While the law shows our true face of who we are without God, don't stop there in conviction leading to condemnation from the enemy that depresses your soul and makes you stay in unhealthy fear of judgment, we ought to learn to run to see our reflection of who are are in God through the grace of God that satisfies our soul and establishes it to receive the promised eternal inheritance." — Abraham Israel

"Our life on earth is like a ship that God designed to make a voyage through the fallen world of sin, disease, wickedness, demonic storms and depressive days to find happiness in God who makes His Son shine from heaven in to our heart to wade through the world with a satisfaction and strength that thrills our soul and settles us finally in our destination where our eternal God will forever comfort and wipe away our tears to make us live with Himself for ever. Don't park yourself in the comfort of the safe harbor for long because you are not made for that, instead move on with the purpose of life which is to live the life of purpose in God who made you for Himself!" — Abraham Israel

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