Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"When we crave for the forbidden intensely so much more than enjoying what God has already provided in His loving care and fail to be content with what we have, God judges us his children now by giving us everything we desire and along with it He sends leanness in to our soul which makes us realize how much we have every thing we have desired, but in spite how much less we enjoy life with what we have without God and His satisfying Presence. Many times God gives what we desire not to bless us, but to teach us that we do not really need the forbidden which makes us a slave to its own desire rather than make us enjoy and revel in the liberty that God has already provided for us to enjoy life in abundance. In other words, every petition that God grants cannot be a blessing until He Himself becomes the desire of our heart which make us deny any other desires other than Him and Him alone. God's true blessing to us is only limited by our own desires which limits God's desire for us. When God satisfies us with Himself, we are more than blessed to be a blessing! Learn to satisfy God's desire first by denying yours by choosing to follow him in spite of all the suffering you go through temporally, He will let you understand how His desires for you become eternally satisfying now and forever more next. God's true blessings are spiritual and not physical, which in why God uses the physical blessing to seem to become lost for sometime to teach us that it will always will get added to become a blessing when the spiritual blessing are craved for first and become present within. When God is present, you will not need any more presents to satisfy!" — Abraham Israel

"Let your request to God be for the grace and strength to fulfill His will for your life and not to fulfill your desire or lust or cravings which only brings leanness to your soul life and leads to poverty in spiritual life." — Abraham Israel

"Everything in and around us happen for a good reason, only when a good God let it happen to work it out for our greater good in the end." — Abraham Israel

"Everything happens for a reason and a season in the limited time of our life, but if God is not focused seeking solution for everything in our lifetime, then everything is let to happen for nothing eternally worthwhile. When God is not the reason for everything good and worthwhile then He becomes the reason for nothing of evil that is chosen by humanity. God has given us the power of choice, but He has not given us the power to reject and make void the result of the consequence of a poor choice. So we need God to live good, be good and do good to experience goodness in the land of the living. If we have not yet realized that God is the reason for everything good, then everything bad has no good reason for us to believe that it can work for our own good. A good God is the only reason we can be hopeful that He will work both the good and the bad to work together for our own good even though we may not fully understand it now but in eternity we will fully. Until then we seek righteousness in Christ Jesus, justice for ourselves and others and pursue faith until eternal reality comes very soon in our afterlife. For now the Word of God is enough to be believed until the reality of eternity will come to reveal us the goodness of God." — Abraham Israel

"Every word we speak can make us or break us spiritually, make sure you speak right things regarding God, yourself and others around you. See how God sees, and you will speak rightly. See everything by your own understanding and you will speak wrongly. Heaven sees your mouth and also watches over it because it can act only as much as you speak rightly to glorify God through your life! Let your yes be yes, and no be no, and anything more than this have a tendency to become sinful by the influence of the evil one which fails to glorify God. Heaven cannot be present in its power where God is not glorified!" — Abraham Israel

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