Saturday, February 14, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Even though God knows all that is in the depths of our heart and soul, yet as we open each area of it, compartment after compartment, department after department, only after that God will touch those areas to make it whole. So we can live as though nothing has happened in our lives before God yet He know every bit of thing in our heart or else we can open up our heart to pour our every secrets before Him to make it naked and bare for Jesus to see everything within us, and as a result of it when Jesus sees us just as we are, we can make ourselves be blessed and empowered to become what we can become as He touches every part of our thoughts, emotion and will to make it work according to His own heavenly will which will please Him in everything we do and say. May we open up our heart to God and let go to let God take it all, thus make our self be positioned rightly in the blessing zone of God to be blessed immensely!" — Abraham Israel

"Even though many things we do for our loved ones are good, but nothing is as near as to be the best to be a alternative substitute for prayer. Because prayer establishes us and our family and our loved ones with the knowledge and understanding of God's will to make them walk in it to be blessed! It is because of the lack of knowledge of God's will that God's people perish in their soulishness, the antidote for it is knowledge and understanding of God's will that gives a sound mind of love, power and the consciousness of God's Presence that makes us live our destiny of God on earth as it is in the blue print of heaven." — Abraham Israel

"If we are going through tough time right now, it because God is preparing us to be blessed greatly in the coming days. If we are blessed right now, God has done it all for His Glory and that He expects us to give all the Glory to Him and then Glory in Him. If we are neither through tough times, nor are blessed greatly, we need to check whether we are living for the Glory of God or wasting our God given time on earth? When we realize where we are, we can be assured where will be and what we will become as a result of it. We are supposed to live in the blessing of God all the time, except when we are tested for promotion spiritually, so may God bless you and your family greatly all for the Glory of God." — Abraham Israel

"God is closer than the air we breathe actually, because the Bible says that we move, breathe and have our being working in Him and because of Him. But what matters the most at the end of each day of ours, week, month, year, decade and the end of our lives is how close we have been to Him moment by moment to make that intimacy with God affect our eternity in our future. God has promised to draw close to us tangibly by revealing Himself more and more to our spirit, soul and body now in this earthly life if we start to draw close to Him by more and more faith which always pleases Him without measure. Faith operates within us when we hear God through His Word and obey that voice of God by the Strength of His Spirit that makes us understand His Will perfectly and makes us walk pleasing to God." — Abraham Israel

"If the faith we have can be achieved by our strength and resources, then it is not really a genuine faith from God. Faith always sees the impossibilities of life and cries out that it is possible with God by our side working with us to make things happen in His time. Faith always pleases God, so we must get the genuine faith of God from God and then jump for joy looking to heaven for our fulfillment and satisfaction in this life and in the life to come. Those who walk by faith will never be in want because the God of heaven lifts them up in to higher realm of heavenly sustenance which will be supernaturally natural. Hear the Word of God and let the Spirit of God quicken it within you to have more and more great faith, which will make you favored in the sight of God and men because of living life pleasing to God!" — Abraham Israel

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