Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"Could we serve God as His servant in this lifetime because of our love for Jesus, so that our entire life on earth would seem to be just a few days spent in joy, peace and righteousness because of the love we express for Him through our service decade after decade, year after year, month after month, day by day, and minute by minute? Do we long for such a intimate life of heaven on earth? God says, "Ask for my grace and keep on asking for it, you will be given. Seek for intimacy, and keep on seeking and you will find it. Knock the door of heaven which is my Son Jesus, and every door that you need for a supernatural display of my Glory on earth will be opened to you at the right time." If you become satisfied with what you are, you can never become what God wants you to be for His great Glory! So hunger and thirst for God now like never before, go to Him for the small things and the big things, He will never be tired of you but rather be pleased because you are His child, and knowing your desperation for Him, He will surely reward you for eternity ahead specially. Every second the heart beats, we are one step toward the day of eternity with God, so what you do, do it now, or else it will be too late to ever regain even a second of it to claim the reward of our eternal inheritance which can be owned by us in Christ Jesus for eternity ahead, if we continue in our sincere love towards God and let God work the good works in and through us for His Glory. Partnership with God can be the best partnership with any one ever we can forge in the entire universe which is of value, grace and satisfaction for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"The very fact that it is impossible with our limited ability and strength, does push us to place where we have no other chance to make a difference in our lives or in the lives of others, except to trust the God of all possibilities as a partner to make things to be possible and alter our destiny. This is the place of breakthrough that the Lord brings every one to whom He does miracles without fail, because in this place of hopelessness, when victory comes, none can boast about their victory except to boast in the Lord for ever and ever. The Lord loves to hear his children boast about His greatness, it will brings glory to Him and He is always pleased with it. So may we who are in this place of great distress, encourage our self in the Lord and continue to thank and praise Him for what He is going to do for us. Faith sees light even when darkness surrounds it, because faith understands that the very time of darkness continues because the time of light is coming on according to the set time of God since creation of all things. Your break through is around the corner, encourage yourself in the Lord and see how great miracles of breakthrough He will give for you, your family and all those whom you want to experience it." — Abraham Israel

"When hope works again hope, faith comes to rescue it and love steps in to reveal the Glory of God in the midst of it all." — Abraham Israel

"You can only become what you believe, that is why Jesus said, 'If you can only believe, all things are possible to him who continues to believe.' Remember, God is never pleased with us, until we start to believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who believe in Him! If you can believe what God says to you, you can achieve what God wants you to do. You are not a product of your behavior, but actually a product of your belief." — Abraham Israel

"Though many many people are going to hell by their own choice to the reject the way to get saved, yet the good news still remains, God loves everyone so much that He does not want a single one of them to go to hell fire. That is why Jesus Christ was sent in to this world to save all sinners like you and me who believe, therefore, the urgency of the message to reach everyone depends on how excited we are to share the message that saved us from sin and hell fire, and that which has the same potential to save someone in need, when we become the dispenser of the good news of the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ which saves people from hell. Hell is not made for humans, but for the devils who rebelled against God, but those who reject God's way to get saved, end up in hell as a rebel against God with the devils by their own choice. God is good, we are not, that is why we need salvation while He provides a way out of our dead end road of life which leads to hell fire. To go to hell you need to do nothing in life and your will have a guarantee to end up in hell fire, but to go to heaven you need to take a quality choice to believe in Jesus Christ. Heaven is a place where people who believed Jesus will end up because of their choice to accept themselves as sinners and for choosing to receive Jesus the Christ as their Lord and Savior. Let us reach to the lost, until the lost becomes God's own." — Abraham Israel

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