Sunday, August 23, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When it is time to flap your wings and fly by faith from glory to glory, do not retract for retreat and get caught in the outdated cocoon of your soulish life of comfort that confines you to saturation of your spiritual life, which will only bring death and rottenness to all your glorious experiences on earth for eternal reward that God has for you." — Abraham Israel

"If the voice of law is loud in judgment, to a true follower of Jesus who stands on the New Testament privilege, the voice of grace is louder in forgiveness towards others and oneself." — Abraham Israel

"The one word of praise that goes beyond all language barriers to make the whole world praise God with one voice in unison is 'Hallelujah!,' may we train our soul and command it to praise the Lord often in this universal earthly language that transcends time and space to reach heaven and reverberate in heaven to bring glory, honor and praise to our God and joy towards us from Him in response." — Abraham Israel

"Those who just carry a cross in their ornament externally without carrying the custom made spiritual Cross of denying their will to do the Heavenly Abba Father's will internally, will fail to experience the heartfelt blessed rest of joy, peace and righteousness of heavenly Canaan in their earthly life. Those who carry the burden of the spiritual Cross that God gives them personally, will become more and more lighter in their heart like as a bird to fly in higher and higher altitude spiritually and more and more glorious in their spiritual beauty of their soul life, and thus collect their heavenly treasures in exchange for their earthly and material crosses of gold and other metals that just beautify people externally. God is not concerned with how many crosses of gold, platinum and other costly metals hangs around our neck and body, but He is really concerned whether we are willingly taking the one personal Cross that He has given for us to carry spiritually in our life for His Glory. A human cannot lose that which he cannot keep but can invest to collect it at the hands of God as a reward for using it all for His Glory in this earthly life for a heavenly exchange. Use your all for God, because God has given His all for you!" — Abraham Israel

"No matter how much Satan can try to keep the truth that you hold within the grave, he cannot succeed for long because soon God will bring it out in to open by the power of God, as God is the one who makes truth prevail all over the world. So, stand on the truth of Jesus and live by it, because soon you will find yourself with your understanding on the winning side, or even if it is late, surely at the end you will realize that you have always been right when you are with God, as God establishes His truth to stand and makes the devil's lies die all around the world that surrounds you. You are always on the winning side when you are with God by standing on the truth of His Word that never dies!" — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"No matter how big or small the obstacles we face in our spiritual journey, as long as we keep our eyes on the Lord, we will reach our destiny that God has prepared for us beforehand to fulfill in this life, and hence inherit a mighty reward for it in the life to come. Keep your eyes in between the start and end of your faith on Jesus who is actually the author and also the finisher of your faith, He is able to keep you safe from drowning of worry and unbelief by His supernatural power to stay afloat to reach your heavenly destination!" — Abraham Israel

"God is always willing to give you a spirit of praise and might even prompt you to praise Him within your spirit-man, but unless you give a voice for it through your tongue and mouth to speak praises towards God in words, you cannot really glorify God. The Bible always speaks of cries and noises of praise, adoration and worship in heaven. That clearly shows that God wants your life on earth to be a heaven with His praise. God is able to make even lifeless stones cry out His praise, but because of His unconditional and infinite love towards you and me who have been created in His own image, He wants us to praise Him and glorify Him." — Abraham Israel

"God is like a pencil maker, who actually has made us to write great scripts that makes great destinies, if we will actually allow Him to hold us in His way, accept His sharpening from time to time and continue to understand that we are made for this purpose which can only make us script destinies in this small lifetime that God has given each of us individually for His Glory. God's power of forgiving and forgetting our past mistakes works in each of us and is readily available to us through the Blood of Jesus, so that we need not bewail about our past, but rather rejoice that we have been positioned by God in Jesus with the ability to make our past be utilized by God to be positively be more accurately sculpted in God's image which gets settled in us for eternity ahead, so that what gets settled inside of us could become our glory and our personal possession of treasure for eternity ahead. So when things go hard and you feel like you do not want to continue doing what you are doing, just rejoice and remember that you are made to serve God and man in love, and part of the service is when we are sharpened to become a better person of service to both." — Abraham Israel

"The secret to all of life's real contentment is in knowing that we are special, unique, gifted with special talents to change and bless many people, different looks, unique culture and tradition, to bring awesome wisdom and joy by our close relationship with our Maker that will bring change eternal to our own selves and through us to others around us. We have unique qualities, traits and character that we have that no other person in this world have so uniquely. Because God loves us unconditionally apart from who we are and what we look like, it shows that God looks at us with pleasure in what He has created us to be. You have the responsibility and the power to change the way you are as it is in your hands to think the way God thinks towards you, therefore you ought to think towards yourself the way God sees and thinks towards you. God has his thoughts towards you in the secret place of His mind even before universe came in to existence, you are placed on earth with His own purpose to change the world around you. God wants to laugh, cry, jump, feel your sadness and happiness, love, encourage, share, teach to build you for a eternal relationship with Himself. But that is possible full only as much as we come in to close relationship with Jesus Christ through whom we excel, succeed and enjoy in God's ordained way through what He has already done for us. You are treasured, entrusted and loved above all things created by your Creator who is greater than all things. You are awesome and valued because He has awesomely valued you, and therefore who you are is not based on what you have been or what you have or even what you do, but rather for whom you are made to be!" — Abraham Israel

"It is one thing to face adversity but it is totally another thing to turn our adversity in to an eternal opportunity to become who God has planned us to be in Christ Jesus through it all. God never takes us through a tunnel that doesn't have a exit, so the one most important thing we have to do through the ordeal we face is to look in to the face of the Lord and trust Him that He will bring us out at the right time. Remember, that those who look in to God's face will become bright and rest in Him like as a baby, because they will understand that it is for their eternal good that God has taken them through such temporal tunnel experiences that bring eternal dividend. You can never learn to trust God more and more deeply, unless you pass through the dark tunnel experiences of life! So let go of yourself and let God take control." — Abraham Israel

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The God of heaven who rules the earth and the whole universe is a God who sees the heart of ours and takes pleasure in it, so live by your heart and see life through it to see what God is doing through you to realize His awesome ways in your life. God becomes the strength of your heart when you choose to look life through your heart rather than your head. Head knowledge is temporal, heart knowledge is eternal! Only your heart understands things eternal which your mind cannot fathom because your heart sees things the way God sees your life and senses something as good or bad in eternal value, as the eternal God who resides in you is the one who sustains and drives it completely." — Abraham Israel

"Only those who have experienced freedom on the inside in their walk with God can only be able to see true freedom of heaven on the outside on earth around them in their walk with others. It is like a chicken that finds enough strength to be free inside the shell that will actually break open the shell to find the freedom of life outside the shell once it is broken open by them. If you continue to thirst for true inner freedom over sin nature in your Christian life, you will come to a place where you soul will start to delight in the path of God's will set for you because your heart will become as light as a bird's heart flying in the air because of the freedom of heaven that God fills you with because of your thirst after God and his righteousness. Thirst, thirst, thirst....until you are filled from above!" — Abraham Israel

"Every Christian must be a missionary at heart even if they are a believer working in secular fields, because only missionaries at heart will have the ability to become a living testimony to those around them for the Glory of God. Jesus Himself was a missionary from heaven and also at heart who had come to this earth to bring salvation to us individually and corporately bring Glory to God!" — Abraham Israel

"The best way to handle crisis is to leave the whole crisis in to God's hand through prayer, who will handle everything to make the crisis of ours in to a cross of ours to crucify our self and bring out the power of His resurrection life in to us for His Glory, so that we will reign with God now on earth and not just in heaven in the future." — Abraham Israel

"True worship doesn't suddenly come one day and stay forever, but it comes out of regular sacrifice that we do in response to the truth we have learned from Jesus and His Word, along with the broken spirit which we maintain by our daily personal cross carrying progressive and willing experience. Nothing excites God more than those who worship Him in spirit and in truth, our heavenly Father God earnestly desires such true worship!" — Abraham Israel

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