Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Great Quotes

Ḡґℯαт ℚυø⊥εṧ :

"Life reduced to fellowship with Christ makes the complicated very simple.  We follow and He guides; we follow and He gives; we follow and He acts.  In other words, we do not do anything but keep with Him, and then He does all the necessary things.  Who would not walk with a Master who works like this?" — Henry W. Frost

“Let us not feel ashamed of the humiliating experiences, but rather glory in them…. ‘Teach me to value and welcome all that Thou dost send me to humble me and to teach me dependence upon Thyself’.” — Helena Garratt

"Every day there's a battle for your worship...God is always seeking you.  He blankets each new day with the invitation, 'I am here.'" — Louie Giglio

“Here I sit in my little room, I cannot go hither or thither to arrange and order everything; and if I could who knows if it would be well done?  But the Lord is there, who knows and can do everything; and I give it all over to Him , and beg Him to direct it all, and order it after His holy will.  And then my heart is light and joyful, and I believe and trust that He will carry it all nobly out." — John Evangelist Gossner

"If your heart takes more pleasure in reading novels, or watching TV, or going to the movies, or talking to friends, rather than just sitting alone with God and embracing Him, sharing His cares and His burdens, weeping and rejoicing with Him, you haven't yet tasted the goodness of God or have known what it means to have intimacy with God. When your heart is filled with God, there can be no more satisfaction in the passing pleasure of the earth, but rather will have a longing after Him alone. The dissatisfaction that will have to be satisfied again and again by God until the dissatisfaction for more satisfaction comes, then to seek for satisfaction in Him again and again is the only way of life a devoted lover of God who is a pilgrim on earth but who seeks for a homeland in heaven with God will be satisfied with." — Abraham Israel

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Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When we think that we are the bond-servant of God towards others who are all around us, even when people act mean towards us we do not have to take things personally. When people act with an evil intent and motive towards us even when we act with the unconditional love of God towards them, we are actually overcoming evil with the good of heaven. All things spoken against the servant is not actually against him, but against the Master who has given the servant His love to walk towards others. This is why God has always said to the people of God to wait until God's time of judgment comes for the evil doers in which He will take His vengeance against them all if they do not repent before He shows up to judge all evil motives and actions. When people talk evil about you wrongly even when you want to do good towards them, never feel bad about the way people react to your good works. The bad things they say against you is not how you are, but how they are is how they think you to be. So the bad that is spoken against you is not how you are, but it is how they are in reality inside their heart. So learn to bless those who curse you and speak evil against you, because the God who watcheth over you is always on time to judge others in His time, no man born on earth can ever escape His perfect judgment. Commit your ways to the Lord and He will establish your ways. Blessings for curse is so powerful that many people who are evil get convicted enough to get transformed in their lives and become a channel of blessing in their lives too. So be blessed by speaking a blessing and being a blessing to others." — Abraham Israel

"Worry robs today of the joy that God has prepared for us. Every day has got it own problems to face and God has promised to give strength to face it, worrying only makes things gets complicated as it shows that we are not ready to trust the promise of God. Worrying is a weak state of mind that achieves nothing but makes us busy enough to think that we need to keep our self occupied thinking about negative possibilities in order to achieve something substantial. Worrying is negative state of mind that ends in futility, but faith is a positive state of mind that ends in destiny. The difference between the achiever and loser is that the former believes God can do no matter what comes against him and the latter just worries to let fear control his mind. God will deliver those who believe that He will never fail them, even though they might feel that He has been blind to their tears, deaf to their prayers and silent to their pain. What we feel should not be allowed to influence what we believe, what we believe should make us reject our feelings and embrace the destiny that God has for us. We cannot add one inch to our height by worrying because it has all been pre-determined by God, but worrying can only subtract years to our lives. We determine by our choice whether we worry to derail our self or stand by faith to reach our destiny that God has for us. God delivers those who stand by faith no matter what, so you be the one to safely reach the destiny of God without wasting your time by worrying!" — Abraham Israel

"When you come to know and understand that you are one unique person in the whole world who has been custom designed by God to talk, walk look and behave like you and you only, it will make you live in satisfaction, peace and honor with you head held high every time you meet someone who looks differently than you. Knowing who you are in God is what opens up your understanding to find who you really are. When you find God in relation to your life and source of existence, you will come to find the real you hidden inside God!" — Abraham Israel

"Where we are in life is not by chance, everything has been pre-planned by God. The place where we are, to whom we are born, where we have grown up, the life experiences we have received, the struggles we have gone through, the people we have met, the failures and difficulties we faced in life and the victories we have achieved are by no means by chance of any kind, God has guided us on all our paths of life through out the time we have walked. The reason God has put us in the place where we are is to experience His love and be blessed enough to become a blessing to others and also love others like we have been loved by God. So make opportunities to be a blessing to others. The greatest satisfaction we can experience in this present earthly life is to continue to be a blessing to others around us. If we believe where we are is not by chance, we should also expect that the potential to bless people is already given to us within us as we trust God continually to make us a blessing to others who come in to contact with us. So love others and continue to be blessing to all those who come in to contact with you." — Abraham Israel

"The greatest of all spirituality is to have faith, hope and love, yet in all these greatest virtues, patient is the main foundation, ingredient, backbone and the vein that runs through all of it. To be patient will make you experience the highest spiritual virtues in completeness and make you a champion in life. Blessed are the patient in life, for they will inherit all highest spiritual virtues!" — Abraham Israel

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