Thursday, June 6, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"Learn to enjoy the little things of life by being thankful to God from your heart every moment for all things, because those might be the big things when you look back from eternity! Remember, every moment of your life lived on earth is a pure gift of God. Do not despise it, because you may never find it later. Your forever is now, rejoice in the Lord today!" — Abraham Israel

"While relationship with God since the beginning of time has worked inside out by faith that has moved people from glory to glory without fail, the religious mode of works that tries to reach God have worked outside in and have always fallen short of the Glory of God ever since for all who have ever tried it!" — Abraham Israel

"You cannot live a challenging life without ever facing challenges to overcome it. As much as joy is a part which you receive at the end of all victory, sorrow and defeat are a part of life challenges in the process of victory. No one can really understand the fullness of joy, without going through equally the fullness of sorrow. God will play his part in setting up things for you to live a challenging life, it is only when you give up life thinking not about the future but rather about the sorrow and what seems to be a defeat, we miss the whole perspective of living a challenging life which can only excite us now and for eternity! That is why, learn to rejoice in the Lord at all times outside of your circumstances and you will do well. Farewell!" — Abraham Israel

"While miracles are visible and tangible when we go in for evangelism, the reason it is not that much visible in the Church week after week because Jesus is not trying to impress his people with His power. But rather He seeks obedience from his people the Church, while He seeks to draw the unsaved to salvation through dramatic miracles." — Abraham Israel

"Happy Pentecost Sunday! This is the day the Church was born on earth. Pentecost is the greatest event ever since the day of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus even until the day of Rapture, both of which falls on Sunday 'the Lord's day!' Rejoice the Holy Spirit has come to guide us and take us more and more in to the Glory of Jesus!" — Abraham Israel

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