Monday, December 17, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"We should never be fearful to handle the true currency of eternal faith of once saved always saved that establishes us and enlighten us in the deep rooted works of faith, just because there are counterfeit of once saved always saved that deceives people without external works that is the only testimony to their inner faith according to the Bible. Instead we should learn to use the true faith so often so that we may find the counterfeit in a moment of time for the Glory of God. That which we have gained by our effort, we can lose by our own lack of effort. The salvation which we have gained by God's effort through Christ Jesus on the Cross, cannot be lost by lack of effort on our part because God has promised to finish until the end that which He has started to work in partnership with us in salvation. We do our part in taking a decision to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior of our life by our free will given to us by God, God does his part in keeping the salvation which we have inherited secure until the very end of our earthly life and for the day of Rapture through which we start our heavenly service for God even though we were until then will already be in heaven with God in worship and praise waiting for the redemption of our own meta-physical body. Glory to God!" — Abraham Israel

"There are certain sins that so easily ensnares us, this sin can be called a besetting sin or a sin we have already overcome by the grace of God, only God and us individually will know very clearly what it is and Satan also knows what it is because he is the one who has always used this as a weapon against us to make us feel condemned and unworthy of serving the Lord in love towards Him. God has allowed this weakness to be exploited by Satan, but in reality God has embraced us with his mercy, grace and love to be made know to us through it all. What Satan does against us to do His evil work, God turns in to something good and to reveal Himself and His power more and more to us. So never be discouraged regarding anything that Satan does against you, soon that which Satan has done will be used by God to bless you and make you a blessing to many. Make sure that the dark spots in the soul created by Satan's lure through sin be wiped clean and uprooted often so that the weeds may not grow and crush the beautiful garden of God in our mind where the fragrance of God's word blooms and causes our thinking to be supernaturally transformed in to a heavenly one, by sincere confession and repentance towards God through faith in the crimson blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses and makes us as white as snow within us. You can never be condemned or made unworthy when the robe of righteousness that you wear is not on your own but is purely the righteousness of Christ which you have made it to be your own by faith in it. Weakness within us are not allowed to harm us, but rather to make us seek God who teaches us to be meek so that we may inherit His image and likeness of Christ in us as a child of God, which makes us become the inheritors of the not just the present earth as it rulers for a millennium but also as rulers and servants of God in the eternal new earth for the Glory of God! GLORY!" — Abraham Israel

"There is no better belief than to believe that God is working all things together coherently to make His incredible plan of His work for you supernaturally. And though you do not see He is in fact constantly positioning your life by helping you stand in faith exactly where you need to be in order to be His effective witness for His Glory. You become the best when you are in God's will and you experience His best when you are waiting for His time to come. Nothing can overwhelm those who live by faith, until they are really overwhelmed by the blessings of God from heaven directly! Do not allow the enemy to discourage you because God is working for you because of your faith, and the only way Satan can stop Him from working is to discourage you enough to let go off your faith which is very precious to God and to you. Faith puts God to work, discouragement encourages the devil to work against you to destroy God's good plan for your life and living. Stand in faith, speak in faith and experience God's best for you by faith!" — Abraham Israel

"The phrase 'God Bless You' is the greatest privilege we have in dispensing to believers, unbelievers, enemies, friends, know and unknown, sinners and saints alike, and even to animals, plants, birds and every living thing on this planet earth, as the power we have as God's children over the creation is a untapped potential that no one has still found fully. God's direct promise and desire for His children, is 'I will bless you and make you a blessing...'. We are made in the image of God to shine forth and reflect the image of God in this planet, do bless others at every turn of your life, and life's turn will become straight enough to give you a blessed life path of heaven with out any crooked turn to hold your growth and prosperity on earth. God Bless You!" — Abraham Israel

"God will not fulfill His plan without our prayer, we cannot fulfill it without Him praying through us." — Abraham Israel

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