Saturday, December 22, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"It is better to be thankful for what we have today towards God rather than burn with lust for what we do not have which will melt our bones in to dissatisfaction and will only make us miserable grumblers in our short span of life. God knows how much we can handle with what is given to us, and so we must understand that He only gives as much as we need and does not given in to our wants which may lead us to dissatisfaction. If we really want to enjoy life, we should be thankful for all that we have and put the rest of our wants in to God's hands. As we live happily, just like God supplies the birds of the air with the amount of food it needs for each day, we will be supplied by God with whatever need that arises in our lives. Be thankful to God for what you have now, then you will live in heavenly satisfaction forever! Thank you Lord Jesus!" — Abraham Israel

"Contentment is a spiritual education in itself, it cannot come automatically in any one of our lives until we join the school of the Spirit in which the Holy Spirit trains our soul to be thankful, praising, joyful and be content in both the good and the bad circumstances. God makes us realize that He is working both the good and the bad circumstances to work together for our good eternal future when we are content. The greatest satisfaction now in my life is that I have learned the secret of contentment and am learning more and more each day in the school of the Holy Spirit. Think about it saints, Apostle Paul learned contentment in such a way that when He was put in the prison dungeon at the end of His great ministry and life, He started rejoicing each minute in the Lord and then wrote to the Church of Philippians to rejoice in the Lord always. The heart of Paul the apostle became as light as a bird spiritually because of his contentment. Though he was in prison bodily, yet in the spirit he felt like flying because of his contentment which he had learned right through His life after He was saved miraculously in his thirties. You can never enjoy heaven on earth until you learn to be content and rejoice in the Lord always! So ask the Lord to enroll you in the school of the Spirit and learn contentment in your life before it is too late." — Abraham Israel

"When we are so full of God, God starts to consider even our thoughts as a prayer towards Him. Even when we start to discuss an idea, He will hear what we speak as a prayer towards Him because actually our very thoughts and words were originated in Him and will end in Him who fulfills and perfects all things on behalf of us. Remember, now you are the temple of God in which God lives and glorifies Himself through you!" — Abraham Israel

"By Jesus asking us who are His disciples to look at the birds and learn faith and dependence upon our Heavenly Father to provide for our daily needs, He has showed that we have much to learn from seeing our nature and contemplating upon the supernatural way of its very existence. God has hidden some of the greatest spiritual secrets for us to learn from all nature around us, if only we could open our inner eyes and learn from what we overlook as small things in life, our very lives will be blessed on earth as it is in heaven beyond our human comprehension. The very nature of natures existence itself is a big thing from which we can learn much and grow spiritually in a amazing way to glorify God through our lives. Remember saints, in simple things of life are hidden great things for life!" — Abraham Israel

"The Great Vision of God for our lives and the Eternal Life ahead lies in the small SEED OF THE WORD OF GOD. When we sow the word-seed IN TO OUR LIVES, SOON IT WILL RELEASE ITS HEAVENLY SUPERNATURAL POTENTIAL IN TO US. All BIG THINGS START IN A SMALL WAY. So faithfully sow the seed of the word of God in to your life until you become the word of God in the flesh, THEN YOU WILL KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO EXPERIENCE HEAVEN ON EARTH. Praise the Lord! " — Abraham Israel

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