Saturday, December 15, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"God uses the useless, broken and scrap thrown out and considered as useless to people because in it God can show His genius working to the world around them that does not know Him and His mighty power and His ways which are always as higher as the heavens are above the earth. Unless God breaks a man fully, he cannot use the man fully to bless him and make him a blessing because only a broken man can give all the Glory to God for anything and everything back to God as he knows that he can do nothing without Him. God does not share His Glory with any man because it rightfully belongs only to His children who are called to inherit the riches of His grace, so allow God to break you until you are blessed fully by the riches of His heavenly grace, mercy and love that overwhelms you in it. The moment you choose to let go and let God, you are in the right place to get blessed and be a blessing to many many as a broken vessel of God to the world that is in need of Him. Hallelujah! Praise be to God!" — Abraham Israel

"End time theology is not just a doctrine to study, but a revelation to the heart which sets your life ablaze for God and makes you as God's unique messenger who burns and bursts forth in all direction like flames of fire which will allow God to blow on you His wind to use you to spread the fire of heaven to the whole world that is thirsting to experience Him." — Abraham Israel

"When we choose to seek the eternal pleasures of God at all cost, the passing away temporal pleasure of life will stop luring us away from the Love of the Father which is in Christ Jesus. When our love for God becomes more than the love for our own self, that is when the Cross keeps the self at death and the will of God starts to happen in whatever we choose to do by the grace and mercy of God! We cannot love both the world and the Kingdom of God seeking to fulfill His will at the same time, because each system of thinking stands diametrically opposite to the other system of thinking. So we must choose not to love the world, instead love God enough to seek to fulfill His will sincerely from our heart. Then when our will crosses God's will and we stand in the meeting point of it and let God nail us on the cross to our will through the circumstances that He brings to us, we might be hanging on the Crossroads of life, but God in his sovereign will have taken over our earthly life to fulfill His heavenly eternal plans and no one in the entire universe will be able to stop Him from fulfilling our destiny for us in joy, peace and satisfaction that will stay with us for eternity ahead! If you want to become an eternal excellence, let go and let God!" — Abraham Israel

"One man with God is always a majority, than a million men without Him. The man who walks alone with God in his private time, will not be afraid to speak openly about the truth of His walk with God to others in the public time. God only confesses worthy names of people living on earth before all the angels of heaven and saints who live over there with Him, who are bold enough in faith to go wherever and whenever He goes by His Spirit to speak fearlessly about Him and His Word before the people living on earth, to confess his great and mighty name, because of personally walking day in and day out with Him to please Him in all things and thus bringing glory to His mighty name as His dearly beloved children! Go where no one has gone before with God, and you will never feel alone long enough for you to remain sad without gladness rushing back to you like the mighty waves of the sea to overwhelm you once again in His love and mercies. You can always trust God when you know that you know that you are walking with Him, and that He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you! " — Abraham Israel

"The gold in the sin free world is good, but in this sinful world if we are not rich towards God, gold can become the god of our small temporal world and have the subtle power to act as a snare to deviate us from the heavenly calling of God to inherit eternal riches which can never be stolen or destroyed by anyone or anything of this world. When a person dies physically, that is when for the first time he will understand or be tested whether he is really eternally rich or was filthy rich, but now in the light of eternity is a poor eternal beggar or a condemned convict who would suffer in torment for eternity ahead! You can never continue to be poor when you are rich enough towards God in the light of eternity! The God of all riches who owns the entire universe, trains his children on earth to handle money properly now by giving them limited supply even though they own the earth and everything in it by legal rights. For all of God's children what ever they get, is only a bonus on earth but the real inheritance of the gifts of God's riches are only given in their after-life in the world to come which will be ruled by them for His own Glory! Put the gold in the proper place like in heaven where it is under the feet of all its inhabitants, and the rest of riches in heaven and also on earth will belong to you and to your descendants in the Lord Jesus Christ! Seek where God is from your heart, and you will go and inherit the place where gold is under you feet and all around you as yours to enjoy forever and ever because it will be actually yours as God's children." — Abraham Israel

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