Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The moment the blessing breeze of heaven come over us, the first thought that tend to come to us is, 'How spiritual I am?', God hates this thought because it keeps Him from continuing to bless us because of our spiritual pride. This is why He breaks us and makes us, breaks again and makes us again, keeps on breaking further and further until we learn to stay without this thought entering us for a long time at least, so that He can continue not only to bless us, but make us a channel of His blessing to others who are in need of it. Never forget, the moment we think that we have made it, immediately God stands in the opposite camp to resist us until we humble ourselves to receive His precious grace that makes us a blessing! Stay empty as much as you can, then God makes sure that you stay full and even overflowing with His blessing forevermore." — Abraham Israel

"Put it all in to God's hands, and see how the Lord will bless and multiply the insignificant to become a mighty blessing of great significance to a great multitude in need. The greatest blessing we can receive from God is to be made a blessing for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"For the temporal cross carriers, there is awaiting a privilege to become eternal crown wearers. So embrace the cross to reject self life to live in the power of the supernatural heavenly life that Jesus Christ provides day after day. If we lose our temporal selfish life now, we will experience that eternal heavenly life now." — Abraham Israel

"Sin keeps you from God, or God will keep you from sin. When light glows bright, darkness flees. God is light, and where ever the light of God does not shine in us by our sin blocking the supernatural light, automatically darkness prevails to make our mind and heart dull of hearing God and walking according to the direction given by His sweet voice. So the best way to stay in the light is to run to our refuge which is in the blood of Jesus which cleanses us from all sins and unrighteousness when we positively choose to confess our sins to Him and turn away from it. Sin should not make us run away from God, but instead should make us run to God for the solution which is already available with Him. We need humility to stay in the light of God always and be close to God always! Our self will should never be let to become a blessings blocker, rather than stay in the will of God and not only be blessed but above all be a blessing to many." — Abraham Israel

"The secret to be a continual blessing in our lives is to take our eyes off the problems we face with which we have made our own lives to be thought of as a problem, and instead see ourselves as an answer to the problems and see our own problem as a training of God that He is taking us through temporally to forever become a answer to the same problems people face so that we become a problem solver who always have the blessed answers to people around us. You are not the question, instead you are the answer, who holds the key to someone else's blessing. Never forget, when the blessings of heaven flow through you, it will first flow to you!" — Abraham Israel

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