Saturday, August 3, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"No matter where we are today, or what we have gone through as for a child of God, our end will always be more glorious than our humble beginning because God has destined us all for a better life settlement for eternity ahead! Rejoice o chosen child of royal priesthood, for you good things are waiting to come to pass. If you choose to rejoice with heaven now, heaven will be thrilled enough to rejoice for the rest of eternity along with you!" — Abraham Israel

"The greatest desire and wish for all the saints towards God is, 'Lord let me live in this body forever, and seek your Presence in it.'" — Abraham Israel

"If you think that you need to go to a physical Church to seek God, you are living still in the Old Testament level of spirituality. If you think that your body is the temple of God which must be kept holy in order to seek God through it, congrats, you are living for sure in the New Testament privileges." — Abraham Israel

"Draw near to God in prayer to listen rather than to speak the mind of the fools that has no response from Him. God is pleased to respond every time when we are ready to hear Him first and pray from our heart!" — Abraham Israel

"Faith on earth has no sorrows that the joy of heaven cannot heal." — Abraham Israel

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Today's Bible Verse To Ponder Over

✞◎∂αƴ❝ṧ ฿їßℓε Ṽℯґṧℯ ✞ℴ ℙøηḓℯґ ϴṽ℮я :

"Be strong… for I am with you, says the LORD." (Hag.2:4).

It is one things to read the promises of God, but it is totally another thing to read, believe and stand on the promises of God. Many people can read God's promises, but it effectively works in the lives of only those people who have believed in the promises of God. In other words, through any crisis or endeavor or life happenings that come and go we can only be as strong as the promises of God we have believed.

The promises of God are exactly like a seed sown on the ground. We cannot sow one day and reap the harvest the next day itself. There is a time and a season of harvest that God has predetermined for every sower. For that reason, we have to rest and keep working on the seed first through pouring water day in and day out, once it peeps out visibly we have to keep it from pests. Then once it grows fully, at the appointed time it starts to bear fruit for the Glory of God. There may be some people who get disheartened on their way before the season of harvest and fail to tend the plant and thus miss the massive harvest that is waiting for them.

What do we learn from this, never we should get disheartened to give up, only then we will be able to enter the season of harvest with great joy. We might have sown with tears of labor and hard work in our spiritual lives, but if we fail to stand on the promises of God believing through the thick and thin of our lives, we will lose the joyful reward and favor of God that has been predetermined for us by God. When we fail, nearly every time it is because our faith has failed and God stands disappointed that we have given up so easily when He could have empowered us easily to stand in faith if we only have depended on God's grace which strengthens our lives.

PRAY WITH ME SAINTS: Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you and praise you for the like precious faith that you have given us through which we are positioned for great seasons of joyful harvest both in our temporal and eternal life. Help us not to get disheartened and give up our faith. Help me lean and depend on you, till I am strengthened by your power that comes by your grace. Thank you again for the destiny you have for me and my family for your Glory. In Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen!

Much Blessings,

Abraham Israel I

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"God wants us to win, that is why He has given us His unchanging promises that creates faith and keeps our heart strong if we choose not to give it up." — Abraham Israel