Friday, November 17, 2017

Apostolic Quotes

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"Ignorance can be forgiven by God, but arrogance will not go unpunished. The gift of ministry is God's gift for his chosen to train his children. While God trains the minister himself, He expects the minister to train those who are ministered to become a minister themselves. God enables always those who enable others!" — Abraham Israel

"Happiness is based on your situation, if the situation around you is bad or boring, you cannot be happy. That is why God never said, be happy always as He already knows that in this world you will have trial and temptations as a child of God. So God has given a us supernaturally a best alternative, which is to rejoice in Him. To rejoice means, release the joy which is within your spirit man in to your soul. Our situations are like a cloud that stops the sunshine to make it to look no more exciting, does that mean that the sun has stopped shining forever? No. Our born again spirit-man is something that has its head in heaven and its foot on earth, which means it is beyond time, space and matter to be in the likeness of God's own image. So the Son of God as the bright morning sun shines ever brighter within our spirit-man always all the time, so the joy of heaven and the peace that passes all our understanding is within the reach of our positive choice. When we choose to say that I rejoice now, it is like flying high above the clouds to bask in the light of the heavenly sunshine, through which the gateway of heavens joy and peace opens up in to our tangible soul. The reason Paul the apostle gave every child of God to rejoice is, in Christ Jesus and Him alone, which means no matter what you are going through right now, rejoice as God is good to all those who trust in Him, rejoice that He has saved you, rejoice that He has healed you through His stripes though right now you may not have seen the healing, rejoice when somebody has spoken falsely and very bad about you to kill your reputation because God is already fighting on your behalf, rejoice that you will be the victor at the end of all your trial because God has made you as someone more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus already. For all the bad thing that are happening in your life, rejoice, because God is able to bring something good out of it and make it to thee a blessing for eternity! Rejoice, again I say rejoice, because there is only victory ahead when we are the child of the Most High God. There should not even be a second to think about negative things or negative result, because the God of all positive promise is with us to fulfill it all in His time and season. Until then, Rejoice!!!!" — Abraham Israel

"For those of us who rest in God through faith in His promises that never fail, are only those who avail the privilege of God working on our behalf to make all things straight which are bent towards destruction." — Abraham Israel

"We care not about much of the risk that faith brings, because we know that the reward of faith is always greater at the end as God continues to show to us what is easily possible for Him through the working of His grace, that which we cannot even imagine without His grace working for us to lift us out of our mess to achieve His excellence." — Abraham Israel

"Even though we may not find all things good and comfortable in our lives, God wants us to give thanks for all things no matter what we feel about it. Because God has the ability to turn all things in to something good for us if we continue to enter His Presence with thanksgiving and His Courts with praise! There may not be everything good for us to cheer about in a day, but there is something to be thankful for as God has promised to work all things for our good. If we find something to give thanks in the little, then everything becomes to be something to be thankful for by God's grace which puts God to work by our faith!" — Abraham Israel

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