Monday, August 11, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"The moment we come to consciously retain in our mind and remind ourselves that God is closer than the air we breathe, He is always there with us to protect us from all harms and dangers and that He is within us to give us guidance, comfort, peace, joy and satisfaction, at that point of time we will come understand consciously that we are empowered by faith and that God is upon us to make us do the impossible and make it possible. When we are driven by God's strength and are in partnership with Him, nothing will be impossible to us even though it will be impossible for all others around us who are without His empowerment in their lives. The moment you rise up from you sleep, thank God for a good night sleep and then say to yourself, 'God is near to me, God is with me, God is in me and God is upon me!!!!' When God is all in all in your life, there is no greater encouragement than encouraging yourself in the Lord. Your faith will connect you to God and give Him opportunities to do great things with you in partnership. You cannot do anything great without God, God will not do anything great without you. Be a good partner with God your Lord and do the impossible before it is too late! For the glory of God, you will very soon become a mirror reflection of the God whom you have believed in your day to day life." — Abraham Israel

"Any belief that drives you to work yourself out with your strength to reach out to God cannot be the real one, because God has already done all the work that is required of you and have finished it before the foundation of the world, and have brought you in to this earth to enjoy a relationship with Himself. Satan, self and seclusion have made religions that have driven people to do things for God which he hates, but Jesus arrived on the earth to fulfill and announce to all humans to believe his word that 'It is all done' which was the last word he uttered before dying on the cross for our sins, thus putting a big full stop for all religious activity and inviting all humankind for a fabulous relationship with God through himself which is the new way that God has revealed to all of us, after all humans have been deceived by religion. Thank God we do not have to do a single thing to initiate friendship and strong relationship with God except believe the One [i.e. Jesus] who has been sent by God to draw us to Himself. Praise the Lord! Only believe, only believe, all things are possible, only believe." — Abraham Israel

"When you forgive others you are actually unwinding the web of wires that has bound you, and then you are opening the prison that you have put yourself in and have thrown out the key for the trespassers to trample it under their feet. How can you drink the poison of unforgiveness and expect the other person whom you are upset with to fall and die? Do not be foolish, you ask God's help by taking a decision to forgive the one who has offended you and let God pour out His forgiveness and love through you. After everything gets calm and peaceful again with bubbling healing and health in your heart, do not say I forgave that person, instead humbly say God helped me forgive that person so that your health and healing can continue without fail in your life. Do not take any credit for the forgiveness that originated in God and flowed to others through you, give all glory to God alone who alone deserves it, and you will spiritually prosper and please God greatly to reach higher and higher heights with God day by day." — Abraham Israel

"Soul winning is not our ability to master it but it is God's ability working in us making us work out that which He works in, it is the fruit of the righteous heart received at the time of the salvation of our soul that has received His grace and mercies infinitely from the Lord that makes us compassionate and passionate enough to do the impossible by sharing our faith boldly before anyone and everyone who is lost. When we know how graciously God has saved us in our unworthiness, we want to do the same like the God who has adopted us in to His family and have been showing pity of a Father's heart towards us infinitely. A wise person is a saved person who wants to save others like his God who has saved him!" — Abraham Israel

"Being thankful does not come to us in prosperity if we have not practiced it when we are poor. Thankfulness is an attitude of mind that God can teach only when there is a constant need and the necessity to depend on Him. Let God train you to develop the blessedness of being poor in your spirit, before you can handle all prosperity in thankfulness to God with that internal blessedness of attitude that pleases Him immensely. Those who are poor have a easy access to God's spiritual riches to become rich in faith and develop thankfulness because of the state of desperation they are than those who are rich in this present world who are very much self-content. God wants us to be thankful for our simple material and physical blessing that we have, so that He could shower His highest spiritual blessings upon us for our thankfulness towards Him. Count your blessing and be thankful when you are in need, because those are the eggs that will hatch and become chickens to multiply your blessings and favor from God constantly!" — Abraham Israel

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