Saturday, July 25, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"It doesn't matter how many times we try and fall, all that matters in the end is whether we are still fearless, unintimidated and constantly looking to God for the supernatural deliverance with great faith, because our very faith is a clear sign that our spiritual enemies destruction is imminent from God. Look fear face to face by faith, it will die. But if you try to avoid fear by lack of faith, the spirit of fear will make you face fear to make your face fearful by its intimidation over you. Keep fighting by faith until God starts fighting for your faith to be established for His Glory!" — Abraham Israel

"We are made whole in life every time we give our whole heart to God, who takes it and transforms our holed heart whole again through His mighty Presence that dwells within us." — Abraham Israel

"Whenever we are threatened and intimidated by the enemy who wants to shut our mouth from speaking the Words of Life Eternal, in those moment we should remember that we are doing what God wants us to do and that Satan and his minions are not really fighting against us, but against the God who has anointed us to actually speak His Word through us to people whom He loves desperately to get them saved, delivered, healed and experience eternal life for His Glory. If we do not lose our faith but boldly keep speaking the Words of God, God will have enough space to work through us, and on behalf of us against the enemy who is coming against us. So we should never fear speaking the truth, that is why when we are broken and afraid God draws near through dreams and visions to strengthen our heart to stay in faith so that He will be able to fight and defeat the enemy who doesn't want to actually stand against Him directly and therefore attacks you who are His Child to discourage you to fear. Without our faith working with us, God cannot do much or will not do anything positive and powerful as it will never please Him. So defeat comes in the mind by destruction of our faith, before it actually every happens in reality. So stay in faith and stand against fear, God will take care of all the rest and will bring out the best out of each tough situations you face in life to bring great Glory to Himself through you and your life." — Abraham Israel

"The Lord tells us to rejoice constantly through our hard trials, very deceptive temptations and repeated failings because the moment we take our eyes of the goodness of the Lord and concentrate on how we are performing ourselves, our faith to know and understand deeply within us that the Lord is working on our behalf making us better and better even through our trials, temptations and failings suddenly dips deep in to a point of danger in unbelief where God's work on our behalf start to get affected because of it. The Lord works as long as we stand in faith, it is not about whether we experience victory or failure temporarily, it is never a setback to the Lord because the God who know our end from the day of our beginning knows how to eternally turn all the curses in to blessings suddenly, He knows how to turn the lost time to become gained time supernaturally, He knows how to turn the disfavor in to high favor of great success and He knows more than all to do the right thing at the right time to turn the tide of destruction upon our spiritual enemies who always wanted us to be destroyed. Hold on to your faith by focusing on God's promises that is more precious than Gold, rejoice in the Lord always to keep your faith up and keep God working on your behalf, and finally focus on the good end and not the temporal setbacks that the spiritual enemies have put ahead of you! You are God's one in all the billion champion, that is why God is working on behalf of you. Let go and let God to see what He can do through your life now to make a eternal difference!" — Abraham Israel

"No matter how powerful our charisma, spiritual gifts to empower people, talents to influence people, beauty, strength, world changing missions and visions are, we must never forget to remember that it is God who does the growing and all we did or do was the planting and efficient use of the seeds of greatness that God has already put within us all in various ways. So let Him who glories, let Him glory in the Lord to make God be pleased with you, and reward you for eternity ahead which is the real reward each of us must be working towards and looking forward in to eternity with great expectations! If we cannot see our future now by our eyes of faith through the Word of God, we must really check whether we are on the right way to our destiny or have we missed it somewhere. If we have really missed the right way to our destiny, it is never late to change our ways to be on track to our destiny by believing the Word of God and hold it with much patience in our heart for the God-seeds to sprout out and cause us to move forward than miss it altogether." — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"We do not die our own death by our strength, but thank God when we keep our-self in death by faith in the death of our Lord Jesus Christ who has become our substitute before God, at that moment a supernatural strength of heaven comes over us to separate us from our self and keeps us united with God and His infinite power to please Him through it. As we die daily by faith, God's will become fulfilled continually through us which will please God immensely! In other words, God is not pleased with us unless we place ourselves in Christ to show to God that we are what we are by Christ whom He has given for us to appropriate. When our Heavenly Father sees that we are using our resource that He has provided, He is immensely pleased with us. Say it out loud, 'I am dead to sin and self, because Christ died for me to bring it to an end and put a full stop to both of it forever.' This faith is victory, so die daily!" — Abraham Israel

"Great philosophical, religious and devout men of this world never really understood that we cannot do anything without God, God will not do anything without us. As the Lord Jesus Himself died so that we could always connect to Him through the Spirit 24/7/365, now we do not need to know Him in the flesh which will again limit Him even if He chooses to show Himself in it. Let us all learn to be in touch with Him always in the Spirit and not reveal a fleshly desire to know which actually shows that we haven't yet understood the uniqueness of Christianity which is the supernatural connection we have with Jesus in the now realm of time that can be phrased as, 'to Him our Lord Jesus Christ, through our spirit, by His Spirit all things are possible.'" — Abraham Israel

"If salvation that comes through Jesus Christ is not all-inclusive, then it is not at all all-exclusive because God has limited Himself to a boundary. But the truth of the Bible is, salvation is both all inclusive and exclusive because God has already given a blank cheque for us to fill as much as we need in Christ Jesus, but we need to fill it by faith to withdraw and utilize all the privileges of heaven in our day to day life. Remember that we are blessed with all the spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus in the heavenly places, so that we can utilize it in the earthly places for the Glory of God. All that we will ever need for the empowerment and enrichment of our soul, spirit, body, financial and social blessings of all the five realms of human existence is available in the salvation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, remember to move by faith and appropriate as much as possible to reveal the glory of God to this world that needs to see it to believe it." — Abraham Israel

"God supplies our needs and never spoils us by giving us in to our greed, because He loves us too much to make us falter by making us to take our eyes off Jesus from where all the riches of His glory is supplied from heaven. When God meets our needs, we cultivate a thankful heart, experience His joy and come to understand the source of our fulfillment in life. When God gives in to our greed by our own foolishness to pursue it, we become unthankful and discontent, experience restlessness because of lack of God's presence and only come to desire for more miserable experience in spite of knowing that it leads only to dead end road of doom and gloom. May God supply your needs and never your greed's!" — Abraham Israel

"The physical Church universal is a place where God equips His children to grow in Him and stay strong, but the real Church of God's children consist of both the saints in heaven and on earth who are all born from above spiritually by receiving Jesus as their Lord and Savior through confession of their mouth. People might have enrolled themselves in the Church on earth for a better religious or social life, but one must make sure to enroll themselves in the Church register in heaven by faith in Jesus Christ before they get deceived enough to stay that way on earth to miss the real Church in heaven. We must all check ourselves whether we have real faith that is transforming our lives, or dead faith that only leads to death and damnation. If there is real faith in us, Praise the Lord! We are on the way to New Jerusalem!!!! One of these days we are going to hear God say, 'Welcome Home to the Real Church!'" — Abraham Israel

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"There is nothing religious about Jesus, except a personal friendship and relationship that we experience deeply with Him." — Abraham Israel

"The difference between relationship with God and religion for God is life and death. God gives His new life of heaven to make us live, but religion only gives death [i.e. separation from God] to those who follow it passionately to the end. Religion gives a substitute of law to follow and get satisfied temporarily, than to encourage and make people follow God through a living relationship with Him. Religion projects and complicates a simple relationship with God and makes Him in to a complicated, fun-hating, angry and sadistic person. The great God in personal love relationship becomes the late God in religious public following. Religion is a product of people, while a living relationship is the making of God. Religion separates people from God, while relationship unites people with God. God hates religion because it separates people from Him and God loves personal relationship with people because it unites them with Him!" — Abraham Israel

"When our prayer to God becomes like this, 'O dear Lord, help me to bother for what bothers you, and never bother for what never bothers you,' it will keep things in perspective of the new changes in our value system to be right which is ruled by our Love towards God. This is a new covenant life-style that every Christian should consider to walk in!" — Abraham Israel

"True unconditional and sacrificial Love of Jesus takes the fear of punishment of hell and the desire for gaining of the comfort, security and beauty of heaven away, and makes us run with red hot unconditional and sacrificial Love of Jesus in return to please Him in this life and in the life to come. Life driven by the Love of Jesus is the most satisfying Love life that we can ever live on this planet earth to Glorify God because in it Jesus reveals Himself to us personally and consistently!" — Abraham Israel

"One of the biggest mistake Christians make because of religious indoctrination is that they think that the will of God is automatic if they just believe the promises of God, but in reality believing and denying ourselves to daily carry our own cross that God has ordained individually for us go hand in hand. Unless we sincerely desire to do the will of God and show it to Him by believing and sacrificing our time, talent and treasure at the feet of God for Him to use, we cannot fulfill God's perfect will for our lives. Give your all and yourself in sacrificial submission to God, you will find yourself in the center of the will of God for your life!" — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Jesus does not just want us to have faith in those men and women of God who have faith to bring miracles for us, but actually He wants us to personally have faith for big things so that He could work big miracles continually through us in this life for the Glory of God. Read the word of God and voraciously consume it to develop hearing God, once you start hearing God in your spirit-man, faith will come flowing in to your life. Then put the wheels of faith to the axle of prayer and move your spiritual life continually towards heaven to pray the prayer of faith which will boil out of you and will do much miracle through you. This is what the God of all miracles loves to see, i.e. the traits of Him working powerfully and vigorously in His children like us who believe Jesus. I know many people excuse themselves saying, I am not a giant of faith, can you tell me if a father has a little kid who needs help and a giant son or a daughter who glorifies him, who will he respond to first when they call him for anything they need? How much more our Heavenly Father will answer our little mustard seed size of faith in any situation to encourage us and fill us with His joy to make us rise up in more faith because of His Love? May our faith arise, miracles are not for occasions but are supposed by God for our day to day life existence as the children of God." — Abraham Israel

"Everyone of God's child has been forgiven equally the unforgivable by God in us, but only those who choose to remember how much hopeless, sinful and wasteful they were in regard to eternal life until God through Jesus had reached them with His Love to save them for eternity and forever make them His child, can only become humble enough to realize God's unlimited mercy and grace shown towards them because of His unconditional Love, and they will learn to love God in return to find the depths of God in their relationship with Him. You can never reach in depth with God unless you hit the bottom of lives meaninglessness with yourself in frustration first! When you hit the bottom with God, you can then bounce to the top in God. Where self-striving ends, God's rest of heaven will always begin." — Abraham Israel

"God is looking for honest people who acknowledge their mistakes, weaknesses and all kinds of turmoils they go through to Him and will expect God to give them the hope of His light constantly to enlighten their lives, these are those whom God has chosen to fill the heaven with and show them His marvelous light to make them walk in the light as He is in the light. Such honest people will always be open enough to acknowledge their failing inner life of the purity of their heart even though their external life of walking according to the law i.e. [ avoiding manifestation of sin] is foolproof hundred percentage by striving for purity and perfection. Only such people will see victory over the root of sin that defeats them in their inner lives of thoughts and feelings that God considers as the prime test for attaining true spirituality and holiness. God seeks for truth in the inner most being of all humans and not just truthful actions! So may we all seek for inner purity which God gives in our thoughts and feelings that influences us to do His will rather than just get confirmed to the law and become a self-deceiver and pretender towards others in the sight of God." — Abraham Israel

"In Jesus the most beautiful things that we have inherited through Him is that we have both become the lamb and the lion just like Him. I mean the lamb now and the lion once we come back to this earth along with Him to rule this earth for a thousand glorious years." — Abraham Israel

"Our Great King Jesus who became as a meek, gentle and a humble human lamb to save us all from sin have now become the superhuman lion of God to save us all from God's wrath that is coming upon the whole world to end it and then forever judge the world for its sin." — Abraham Israel

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The best in us as a Christian can only be revealed for God's glory to others, when we are hard pressed on the outside and inside, and there is no one but only God to help us through it. Give what you can to God, what you cannot God gives out to others through you and makes you a mighty supernatural blessing. The greatest blessing of God a Christian can receive is to be a blessing to others!" — Abraham Israel

"Preoccupied completely with the mundane instead of the eternal things is the very sign of how closer we are to the Rapture and the Second coming of the Lord Jesus as He had promised. The heart of humans that are filled with mundane has nothing worthwhile to think about except constantly think perversely and that which are abominable to God, as the heart without the thought of God and His eternal things becomes filled with evil. When the heart works and prioritizes the mundane and gets rooted in it deeply, the high flourishing fruit of violence, apathetic fleshly instant animal graded living, homosexuality, drinking, playing with marriage after marriage without commitment because of being driven by beauty and sex rather than by love, greed for more and the latest things of comfort, and finally dissatisfaction in the reality of life will result and increase in greater perpetual intensity even until the time of the end of the world. Jesus is coming sooner than we think because all these things are happening more and more daily like never ever before seen or heard intensity, to be ready to fill the whole earth with evil within a few years or a few decade. In such dangerous times of deception and evil, you and I must watch where we are in the eternal timetable of God and pray constantly in the spirit by the Spirit to the Lord to help us live a worthy life for His Glory before He arrives to take the Church and then end the world government in those next three and half years to reign in it for a thousand years of peace and safety!" — Abraham Israel

"The basis of our love towards others whether it is familial, friendly or towards our foes becomes genuine, only when it is a reflection based on Christ's unconditional sacrificial love for us that we have experienced. Then our love gets deeply rooted in God to become a rewarding love for us. Only God's love when it is shown towards others deeply satisfies us irrespective of how people respond to us in each circumstances of our lives." — Abraham Israel

"When it comes to living a passionate life of zeal and fire for God, the question is not whether we are living for God, but rather whether Christ lives through us more and more in every area of our life, by us giving to Him ourselves in openness and submission. That is why Christ is called as the head and we as the Church are called as the Body of Christ through which from heaven Jesus lives within us and through us individually and personally by His Spirit, and shows Himself to the world in undeniable proof that He is alive and that He is coming back to this world as the judge, ruler and the Messiah of it. There is no Savior that the world needs except the one Lord Jesus who can only save it from sin, therefore remember to let loose that passion of salvation with which you are saved to become a burning fire to en-flame your spirituality to touch the world with the love and life of our true Savior Jesus, above all let Him live through you completely." — Abraham Israel

"God in the Book of Romans through His Apostle Paul actually shows homosexuality to be the final order of rebellion against God, if that is the final order before the world will be judged for its reprobate mindedness of homosexuality and all sexual filth, then in all the past two thousand years of grace and mercy God has show to the world through Jesus Christ we have already hit the highest point, and the door of serious judgment is opening up from heaven from where all the hell will be let loose in a few years in the coming days or at the max a decade or little more than it. We as Christians may have been tempted or may even be struggling through these things asking ourselves why am I like this, but we cannot practice it or say that all these sexual perversion to be a lighter thing when it is actually a serious thing before God. Let no man be deceived, rainbow is not earthly for man to decide and falsely celebrate the false grace and love of God, but it is heavenly to show grace and mercy through God's promise or else judge when He wants to. Homosexuality, pornography and its twin little sister of masturbation with lust accompanied are all sin before God and are all the final order of sin before God, but we were washed in the blood of Jesus and stand for the truth of Jesus in this end of the world period of deep darkness and deception. God will show mercy and grace to all those of His children who are born again and those who accept sin as sin, and also are not ready to accept or agree with those who practice it calling it as something not serious before God. But for those who act otherwise to openly deny the truth, I do not see any light for them ahead and only a tunnel of deep darkness like never before. Supreme Courts of the world do not rule the world to say what is right or wrong because those who sit as head judge in it are still humans, its decision in all the world will be based on whether those judge fear God or not. But the God of heaven rules over all the Supreme Courts of the whole world, so we ought to fear God than men who are fallible and who take everyone who agrees with them to the same dark-tunnel ahead where they are all going when in rebellion to the God of heaven who gives life to all humans, and who is the only one who has right by Sovereignty as a Creator to say what is right or wrong. May God help us all agree with God and stand on His side as His Children though it costs much to do that." — Abraham Israel

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