Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"Faith mixed with patience always leads us without fail to God's promise. So patience is not just waiting, it is waiting with the right attitude of faith that chooses not to complain but have hope against hope to live in love with God no matter what may or may not be seen immediately! To have the evidence of what is to come within, will always overcome the force of without, when God is involved with us." — Abraham Israel

"The message of the Cross have not lost its power even one bit for the past two millenniums, even though the Church seems to have lost its power because of not being able to withstand in the simple message of the Cross. When the world speaks about great philosophies, and a new message every new day to keep the people interested, the Church should stop looking at the world to follow its ways and instead should hold on to the simple message of the Cross, which means Jesus not only died for our sins but has given us the power to overcome sins in our personal life to live a holy life for the Glory of God. The message of the Cross even though looks simple to the mind, it is so hard for people to apply it because it is the place where God's will crosses over our will, and we choose to die and let God live through us to fulfill His will for our lives. The rewards for dying now for sin, self and Satan's lure to instead fulfill God's will for our lives are directly out of his world and also within this world itself where we are blessed to be a blessing to many. Remember, we are already in this privileged class of holding dual citizenship in each of our nations of our world as a child of God because we hold a Kingdom Citizenship in the Kingdom of God. So all those who are citizens can only avail the power of the Kingdom, so do not look to the world which considers the message of the Cross as foolishness because it sees no power operating in it but only shame, but instead always look to the Lord King Jesus always for every problem because you will find the power to bring solutions for all of it in Him. God has the solution for the most complicated problems you face, believe the simplicity of the message of the Cross and let yourself die to the flesh by accepting and submitting to God all your situations that you cannot change as the mighty hand of God, soon you will experience the power of the Spirit lifting you out of all earthly problems to make you experience the heavenly solutions and be a provider of it to many many in this world and be a blessing to multitudes for the Glory of God. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"Once saved is always saved as long as a person is genuinely saved. God never gets surprised by the changing nature of man, God saves a man because of His own goodness and kindness towards humans." — Abraham Israel

"God saves us from sin not because we are good or we can become good, but rather because He is good and wants to show his benevolence towards us who trust in His goodness and mercies for eternity ahead. Any goodness that we can boast apart from God is not goodness at all but rather it is pride that makes a religion out of it that deceives a human to believe a god of his own imagination, but not the real Creator God who has created him for His own glory. Learn to give glory to God all the time for every little or big thing in your life, and all will be well as God will be pleased to be a part of your life and living!" — Abraham Israel

"God doesn't give us all things at all time, because He wants us to realize that what a human lacks is not just money, time and health, but rather above all the God who gives all good things to all men for His own glory. When we spend our money, time and health for God now, it all comes back to us all at the same time for the Glory of God for eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel"

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