Thursday, March 14, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"Regrets in itself makes us to gain nothing but more dissatisfaction about the things that have happened in our past over which we have no power to change it. It is like a man who have got stranded in a lonely island, keeps fuming and fretting over his isolation and finally die in starvation. A life without regrets is like a man knowing that he has been left alone in a island makes a hut, keeps farming for food and keeps himself in God proactively to live in satisfaction with the life that has been given. Those who know within their heart that God is good always towards them and who believe that God is working together all things good and bad only for their own good because they love Him who has called them to live for His glory, will not have any regret even for a single moment of their life. Every moment of our life is a gift of manna that is to be spent just for the moment and cannot be taken in to some other time. If ever we try, the manna moment will disintegrate in to regret which will over load the mind unnecessarily and cause dissatisfaction about the present life for the past that cannot be changed. Living every moment is in itself a art, and those who trust the goodness of God in all circumstances are those who will enjoy life without any regrets. Trust God and obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, just trust and obey!!!" — Abraham Israel

"God doesn't just have Love in His heart towards us, but He is Love that is why He could Love us humans who have hated Him in our sinfulness and have crucified Him with our sin nature before we came to understand about the marvelous love of God. Even when we were enemies to God, He loved us first and made us as His friends. How could this be? Because He is Love. God has blessed us with salvation and have loaded us with all the blessings of heaven, have given us the dew of heaven which is joy, peace and righteousness to our soul and finally have loaded us with all earthly blessings as a bonus for us now in the earthly places because God is the greatest blesser in the whole universe whose very heart beat towards us humans is full of blessings and Love. Follow God because of His Love and blessings of God will follow you to make you satisfied in Him. If ever you follow God for just the blessings, you have not yet realized what it is to experience God who is Love. Love satisfies like nothing else in life, this is why Love is stronger than death. God gave His Son in death so that He could prove eternally that His Love is more stronger than death, and thus making all the people who believe and follow Him to be empowered to rise up in the resurrection power of heaven in all areas of their lives. Never forget that the language of God is blessings and love and that is why every time He speaks to us, He speaks a blessing in Love through His Son Jesus Christ!" — Abraham Israel

"When a lion roars, it frightens all the animals that hear it in the forest. It makes the animals to flee in all directions for their life. Our God is a warrior, He fights for us as like a lion and roars against the enemies who wants to prey us in their deceit. And many times when we are caught in serious circumstances, we tend to think that it is better to be lenient regarding righteousness and want to take the easy unrighteous way out. In such times when we forget that God is fighting on our behalf, and there by living in the unbelief of lies, we would totally tie God's hands from rescuing us. God will not and cannot bring something good to happen to us through unrighteousness. So what does our Lord do in such situation? Our God who is the warrior lion of our soul, starts to declare and roar the good end that He has prepared for us ahead within us. Hearing it within our soul will bring fear of God in to us. Once we know it is God who has spoken to us, then we can walk boldly in righteousness and also declare it to others as a prophecy too. When the voice of God roars within, we roar His word without. Before things happen, we prepare our self and hide away from the wrath of God. The foolish get in to things rudely and are caught in a snare. May we always hear the voice of our God and walk according to it. This time our King is coming as a lion to take us, you can almost hear the roar!!!" — Abraham Israel

"True children of God will be spiritually shaped by God through trials, temptations and hard circumstances. If you have never got in to any of these above, be careful to check whether you have got real faith. If not, turn to the Lord Jesus and welcome Him in to your heart to save you from sin. He will save you for eternity! True faith will willingly face the storm and receive the reward that come out of it rather than waste an opportunity without facing it. God will be pleased with those who dare to face the storm by believing His promises, He will surely help those who believe that He is with them to save them. Only Believe, all things are possible with God who is within you." — Abraham Israel

"Jesus seeks not for a religious followers who entertain and amuse Him by their unbelief and hypocrisy, but He seeks for a heart to heart relationship that will be intimate enough to satisfy both His followers and Himself in oneness. Today Jesus bids you for a intimate place within His heart, are you connecting to Him to give Him a special place within your heart? Seek not for riches which stays not for long, but seek for a place within the loving heart of Jesus by giving Him space of love and intimacy within your heart which will stay for long enough to end in eternity which will never end!" — Abraham Israel

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