Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"While religion has a common thread of spreading a inclusive message of how we can be good for God to accept us, the relationship from God which He has initiated to save humankind is a exclusive message of how God helps us accept ourselves as a sinner by making us receive Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior in faith, which immediately transforms us as a saint in Him to live the eternal life forever as his dearly beloved children. While the world languishes in sin and condemnation, God's children enjoy God's righteousness and liberty to experience God as their Father, Friend and the person of Truth in Christ Jesus who saved them all from imminent bondage of sin which leads to death of separation from God for eternity ahead! In short, truth without the light passing through it and revealing Jesus Christ, is as dry as a dried wood of any religion which is ready to be set ablaze in hell fire any moment ready to be consumed." — Abraham Israel

"As a child of God, being strong and courageous is not a ability to develop, but rather it is a choice of faith to trust God's ability and character which is already at work in us and deny the sinful nature that brings discouragement and causes us to be afraid. You as a lions cub are always under the protective presence of the Great Lion whose name is God Almighty. He is our Father in Heaven who watches over us always! Remember, until you grow up to be on the prowl for the God's enemies of sin, self and Satan to be always under your feet, run back to Him often and protect yourself from the intimidation of the enemy. God's children are born to rule over all the realms of the universe, for that to get fulfilled, we are being trained for mastery over the unholy trinity of sin, self and Satan by the very Presence of our Father through our Master Jesus Christ who is our trainer who leads by example as a forerunner. It doesn't matter where you have come from, what you have done or where you have ended up, remember the Lord your God is with you where ever you go. You can never lose that which cannot be lost, which is the greatness of the unrivaled attribute of God's strong and courageous character in our spiritual genes that is at work constantly because of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done for us. He who is of the stock of the Lion of the tribe of Judah who is the unconquerable King of Kings over the entire universe is our Lord, Master and Savior, this very fact makes us praise the Lord and give thanks to the Father God in all circumstances keeping our head held high because of the security of the Presence of God that makes us fearless. Again I say to you, be strong and courageous not because you need to but because that is the most easiest choice to take and rule over all enemies of God because of the triumph of faith! Your faith is your victory! In every circumstances, remember not who you are in your limited abilities and frailty of humanity, but rather whose you are in your divinity! You are more than a conqueror because you are of the tribe of the Lion whose unconquerable and undisputed winning streak will continue forever and ever, even through you because you belong to Him. Rejoice and again I say rejoice because you are a part of the winning streak, and are not apart from it even for a moment!" — Abraham Israel

"Rapture and Second coming are two different events which happen at two different times which will be at least we can safely say three and half years apart or less than that. When you mix the two and try to understand the Bible doctrines of the end time, it is like mixing mud with water in a glass jar and then trying to separate it in order to see through it to find a object that lies at the other side of it. In short, you become more confused about the eschatology of the end which become Greek, Hebrew and Latin the moment you try to make a cock tail of the Rapture and Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ!" — Abraham Israel

"If there is one faith, one hope and one love, then why look for those right things at the wrong places." — Abraham Israel

"The past experience teaches us what to avoid, the future experience will help us how to apply what we have learnt and the present experience is to unlearn and relearn to never give up. God wants you to succeed and delights in the prosperity of whatever you do, so never ever give up until you succeed in His will for your lives! Age is just a number, God bypasses it all to work within us until He fulfills His desire for our lives. Your path is uncharted as no one has ever lived it before or will live it again, make every moment count for the Glory of God! Do not be too hard on yourself, take a moment to sit back, marvel and be thankful for your life towards God who used the grief to soften you, who allowed heart ache that wisened you, and let you suffer so that His strength can be replaced within you to help you navigate through this life with ease to fulfill His great and mighty plans for now and for eternity. Be proud of the fact that despite everything that has happened, you have grown to be a man and a woman of God. Don't continue to cling to your mistake just because you have spend a lot of time making it, accept what you cannot change and leave it safely in to the hands of the One God who has promised you to make it all work together for your good to bring not just a good end but rather a custom made best end to it all." — Abraham Israel

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