Saturday, December 8, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When we choose to positively trust God by trusting in His promises rather to let ourselves be troubled by unbelief and fear which comes in to us when we look in to our circumstances, we will experience a calm hope, peaceful courage and a mighty faith to face the storms of life and turn its results positively to glorify God wherever we are placed by God in our day to day lives." — Abraham Israel

"It is good that people whom we have trusted so much have let us down time and time again, if not for those opportunities, God would have never got a chance to pick us up and prove time and time again that He is faithful to us in spite of everyone leaving us when it mattered the most." — Abraham Israel

"God places the highest priority for the salvation of the dead spirit-man of every human and desires that all be saved, then the next highest priority that God gives is the salvation and prosperity of our eternal soul for all believers and finally God wants us to be perfectly healthy and whole in our body as this is the temple of God in which God in His Glory is now residing on earth through us. For uplifting our spiritual life God might allow us to get broken in our soul and for uplifting our soul God might allow us to go through troubles in our body temporarily, but this doesn't mean that it is God's will that we should remain in the broken state for ever in unbelief and complaining. We can choose to rejoice and live positively in the midst of all temporal trials that God allows and then once God uses these things for helping us to grow spiritually and soulishly prosperous, then automatically in the perfect will of God He will remove these things and will make us praise Him for His masterpiece which He has created us to be in that particular area where we lacked, then forever we will be grateful to God for eternity ahead, never forgetting to thank God for the eternal riches that the temporal trials have brought in to our lives." — Abraham Israel

"Think according to the word of God in the Bible and you will never have a thinking of a beggar but of a spiritual baron." — Abraham Israel

"When we reflect the Lord's glory on our faces, the sternness of our natural soulish reflection goes away. The way this happens is when we allow the Lord who is the Spirit to transform us by renewing our mind by Holy Scriptures to become more and more in to the likeness of Jesus day by day, in whom we are called to imitate Him in a intimate way. When we are helped by the Holy Spirit, the glory of God increases upon our lives each day continually from one level of it to another higher level of it. When we live for the glory of God, surely without fail we will live in the glory of God!" — Abraham Israel

"The victorious spiritual walk in our Christian life may seem to be a impossible one until we realize that strenuous walking in itself doesn't give victory, but inviting the Holy Spirit to walk through us makes us crucify the flesh of fulfilling our will and get superseded by the overcoming power of God which the Holy Spirit will release through our inner spirit-man to glorify God through our lives. All true spiritual victory can be achieved only through the help and power of the Holy Spirit flowing out from within our spirit-man. So plug yourself in to the spiritual power line of the Holy Spirit by praying to God for a victorious walk of power and start to walk in His power of victory!" — Abraham Israel