Thursday, December 26, 2019

Manna For The Day

Believers Rejoice, Your Lord Is Your Defense!

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"The LORD lives! Blessed be my Rock!" (Ps.18:46).

Our God has been the bulwark of all generations of believers in the past and present, and also will be in the future generations for all those who fear him and obey Him. A believer is someone who lives to please God and not himself. Self is the opposite of faith, a person who lives for himself will be selfish and be full of unbelief. His heart will be like a sea wave that goes up and down. When something good he senses, smells and feels, his words for the one who gives them all these things will be like honey, once they do not feel well, immediately they will turn up against them and will start to talk against the same person who has provided them all things. This heart of unbelief is of no use to God or will be of any good to any other people living around. Inspite, the great thing about God is that, he provides for all, (i.e.) the good and the evil people at the same time without any partiality.T Therefore a lot of people speak bad about God and still are able to live without any problems in their lives as God is a good God to all the people of the earth.

But the great truth about provisions in this life is, it is given for humans to realize their need for a personal God who is able to take care of their needs day in and day out now, and also He has extended a hand of friendship to all those who will choose to let go of themselves and learn to trust in the God who is good all the time. People who are provided now with all good things by the one and only all good God, if they choose to reject his pursuance towards them and instead live a life of selfishness to stay as a opportunist and fail to respond with gratitude towards Him, slowly the light of God that shines from within their spirit starts to get darkened more and more till they become filled with all evil deeds and full of unbelief that makes their heart to deny even the existence of God or settle with a god of their own mind that will feed their lust and fancies without holiness, or even the easy way out for most intellectuals is that, they will make money the god of their lives to let it control them. Such unbelievers will have the mercy and grace of God cut out of their lives when they die and go on to hell fire where their desire to live without God will be fulfilled in reality without His goodness accompanying their lives for ever and ever in eternal torment.

Only those who have faith within their heart to please God will rejoice in the fact that the God whom they pursure is a living God and a just God who never dies and will brings in to justice all the evil deeds done against them and all humanity on a appointed day of judgment. They rejoice in the God who is good and holy at the same time, who commands obedience to the voice of His Word that He has revealed through the Bible, because they will be able to realize that this God whom they believe is able to become the rock of defense in their day to day lives and also in the eternity to come. They come to a place of rest within their heart, where they stop fighting and allow God to fight righteously in His own time on their behalf for their existence and prosperity. Hallelujah! Only such people of faith can become excited thinking about God's existence forever and ever, while others who live for themselves will continue to question about the existence of God and will also question the make up of how he came in to being. May we who believe, continue to rejoice in the God, who is our defense and our shield forever and ever. Amen!

LET US PRAY SAINTS: Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you and praise you that you are the same great God who continues to live generation after generation without changing. Generation may come and go, but you remain the same defense for all those who fear you and have faith in you. Be blessed my Rock of Defense! Be greatly glorified through my life in my lifetime as I surrender my life to be used for your glory now and forever. Amen! Hallelujah!

Much Love and Blessings,

Apostle Abraham Israel

"None can defend as good as the Lord Himself who lives for ever and ever." — Abraham Israel