Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"When you entertain sin in your life it subtly entertains you for a while till you get addicted, after which it pays you back with a vengeance after the initial thrill is over because the mystery of sin works against the will of God in rebellion. Thank God for eternal life that God freely gave through Jesus Christ, if not for the blood of Jesus Christ, we would all be a big mess. Sin thrills but kills the abundant life. Overcoming faith may be hard initially and sacrificial to practice, but the lasting reward will last for this life time which in turn will get multiplied to pay you back dividends for eternity in the after life." — Abraham Israel

We cannot become any more perfect than what we already are in Christ Jesus. But through prayer God makes us take hold of the reality of what is already true in our spirit to become a reality in our soul, body and in every area of our lives." — Abraham Israel

"Prayer is letting go of the consciousness of our self, and instead letting God take hold of ourselves to pray through us His will on earth to happen as it is in heaven." — Abraham Israel

"Prayer is not the means to an end, but rather through prayer we come to understand that it is the means through which God becomes the beginning and the end of all things we are in need of, in this life and in the life to come." — Abraham Israel

"God gives good things to those who ask Him, He gives better things to those who continue to seek Him, and He gives the best to those who desperately knock and keep on knocking the door of heaven day by day forever, knowing how poor they are spiritually in their spirit and need God to remain rich every moment of their lives. God acts powerfully on behalf of all those who wait and keep on waiting for Him to act on their behalf! The God of purpose is not as much interested in hiding himself and dispensing things as a non personal mysterious entity as in revealing himself as much as He would like to know you more personally to the level of your seeking Him! God is the greatest giver in the universe, He will never allow you to out-give Him by what you sacrifice for Him in this life, even if it might seem like you have given for God and have got no where equal to its return, He has an after life to pay back in dividends for eternity ahead! No humans can ever lose for what He cannot lose when it is done in God and for God through their lives. Glory to God!" — Abraham Israel

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