Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"What we lose in our self we gain with God who replaces it all with something greater and best for us in His time. A man in no fool who loses to gain what he cannot lose at all for eternity. God is the greatest warranty giver because He replaces all the lost with something better than the best every time a person chooses to have faith in His promises and claim His warranty!" — Abraham Israel

"If someone have not understood Jesus as God, he has not understood Jesus at all. Jesus could not become our Savior if He has not been our Creator par excellence. Before God only the sinless lamb of God could become the Savior of all humankind because He is the Creator of all or else any tom, dick and harry could boast of becoming a savior whether it be humans or angels. If Jesus is not the Lord of all areas of your life, He is not your Lord at all. That is why we call Jesus as our 'LORD' first and then our 'SAVIOR' next. Knowing Jesus must go deep enough to get you saved from sin and death, that is to know Him as God your Savior personally. To say that Jesus is the Son of God is an acknowledgement that He is God the Son to the whole humanity!" — Abraham Israel

"If you want to know and experience heaven in your homes, make Jesus the Christ as the Master of your home. He will surely without fail bring heaven to the home that has made Him to be its Master because where Jesus is, that is where heaven resides, resounds and renews its existence. O what a joy to have the Master of heaven's destiny become the Master of our home and take authority over it to decide the destiny of our home, and finally make it become a heavenly one! Heavenly homes on earth cannot be just built with hands, but can only be built with the plan of the Master builder of heaven who is none other than our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who plans and executes its supernatural existence as its Master as we cooperate and commit every area of it to Him as His subjects. To the homes that Jesus Christ owns, He secures it because it is His own." — Abraham Israel

"Every time fear knocks at the door of our heart to threaten us in our natural state, everyone of those times we have a hidden opportunity to seek the face of God and be supernaturally victorious over it. We cannot keep ourselves from facing our fear, but we can keep God near ourselves to make Him deal the fear and make it flee away by His Presence!" — Abraham Israel

"Every time we blurt out words at the heat of the moment, the exciting moments of our lives journey that are held as passable through bridges with others gets burned over by the heat of that stupid moment of time. It is better to zip your mouth at the heat of the moment than to let it out and be scorched by it later because of the moment of the outcoming heat of the ordeal that has the ability to burn all the maps of the exciting moments of our lives journey that God has planned for us ahead. Burnt bridges needs God's extraordinary grace to build it back in place, so humbly ask sorry to God and to others who are hurt by your words, to continue your exciting journey of relationship with others through reconstructing the burnt bridges in your life's journey. If you want to journey far in life and stay in satisfaction, you need people at the other end to hold on a bridge and pass through it to the other end. Life is a journey unmistakably that needs bridges to cross over at various places of times, so no man can stay in a Island and expect to succeed in the journey called as life!" — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When faith has opened the heaven's door, hope welcomed you into the world of God saying you are destined for this place after you die, but when love saw that you longed for the reality of heaven that is to come and yet are desperately hopeless to understand its reality, love stooped down into your world on earth and died for you to bring that heaven right in to your heart. So love is the greatest of all that lasts forever because even though faith and hope did something in you, but only love did something for you to bring the reality of heaven's transformation into your world." — Abraham Israel

"Every trial you face in life has a miracle at the last moment waiting to happen because the God who is in control of your life is glorified the most when a resurrection of life which is God's ability happens to trigger the miracle you desperately wanted when you least expected it in your inability. All your inability are an opportunity for God to prove His ability, so always stay positive in faith looking for the miracle of the last moment in which God always proves Himself to bring glory to His name." — Abraham Israel

"The antidote to expel fear is to simply trust the omnipotence of God which works for us over all the changing situations of life that comes against us." — Abraham Israel

"We cannot change our past, but we have a choice to choose our present time to be joyful and our future to be prosperous if we take things positively. God works all things for our good when we positively love Him knowing that we are called for excellence in the midst of negative mediocrity!!!" — Abraham Israel

"Thank God that we are made by God to choose to think only one thought at a time, when we choose to let the mind of Christ rule our hearts and minds, the thoughts of self, sin and flesh have no place to influence us and make us ineffective or purposeless in this life without God. To have God's thought is to have God with us as our refuge from storm, water in the desert, friend indeed for a friend in need, strength in our weakness, power for victory when threatened to defeat and possibilities in the midst of all impossibilities of life. Choose to think God's thought and His Word, you will never be in want of joy in your existence and peace for the chaos that surrounds to engulf you." — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Acknowledging our need for the love of God will keep us in a good spiritual state of staying in His blessed Presence for fellowship, sharing and caring towards others who are different than us without our own effort for the glory of God." — Abraham Israel

"When you know deep within you that you have been called to do a particular service toward God and men, no matter all the humans in the world desert you and run away seeing the hopeless condition you are going through, the Lord will stand with you faithfully and strengthen you to finish that which He has started in your life. What you start you need to finish, what God starts with you He will finish it to the end no matter what may come. Know God's plan for you and start doing it, you will never have a aborted journey ever for the glory of God!" — Abraham Israel

"When the road you are travelling seems difficult, think about it, God has a fore-planned a beautiful destination ahead. When the sorrow of your soul seems too heavy to bear, think about it, God has oil of gladness and the joy of heaven in store for you as you move ahead unloading it upon Him by faith. When your body aches and all you feel is weariness in toil, think about it, Jesus has invited you to carry His yoke of burden in prayer for others and as you do it, you will experience the rest He has promised you in your body and blessedness of heaven's rest in your soul. When you fumble, think about it, all you need to do is to humble before God to accept your mistake as sin and receive His everlasting forgiveness. When life makes it difficult for you to praise God because of the present situation you face that looks grim and depressive, think about it, how many times God has done a miracle to rescue you and thank Him for it all, then praise will come out of your heart to give you peace and assurance about the possible victory God has planned for you. When people are negative all around you, think about it, you can be positive and let the light of Jesus shine upon people to make a bright difference in their lives. Remember, light shines the brightest in the darkest places!" — Abraham Israel

"Our present situation cannot go beyond our ability to handle it, because our God who is the God of the present has promised us to give His grace needed to face the exact situation that arises on our way to our destination. Our future destination is the best that is yet to come because the God of the Future who holds the entire universe also holds our future in His hand, and He knows how to prepare us for the great future that He has promised to bring to pass in His time. Hold on to God as He holds you strong, then you need not hold on to your schedule to make things happen, because all that might seem to be delays actually are divine pathway that leads to God's destination. With God delays are not denial, but those are stepping stones to our destinies that we walk in to for the glory of God! You may come to ask, why the delays? The answer is because God is more concerned for the growth of your blessedness in your eternal character than in your temporal comfort that might destroy your spiritual life if given to you beforetime" — Abraham Israel

"Christ is the end as He is the beginning. No one can find true reason to rejoice in this life without knowing the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who becomes the very reason to rejoice as He gives all who seek Him with the assurance of the life to come in which the abundant quality of God's life lived in heaven is experienced on earth within." — Abraham Israel

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When God says, "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things." (Isa 45:7), he has clearly conveyed that He has made evil as a result of our sin showing that because of His love for us, He has valued our decisions and choices we take even above his liking and desires. Those who look at all the evils in the world and say if God is good why did he allow evil should ask themselves, why should God forgive me all my sins and also the world around me in spite of foreknowing that we are all sinners doomed for hell if only God doesn't show his mercy to all of us? It is because God is good and loves us always, He has forgiven our past, present and future sins in Christ Jesus and have thrown it as far as east is from the west which infinitely never meets, to help us all be friends with Him again for eternity ahead. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"You can never really understand that all you need is Jesus unless all you have is Him, in whom God has planned to supply to you more than what you need, to reveal His glory to you and to all the world. Any lack in our lives is an opportunity for God to supply and reveal His glory if only we could have faith in His abundance!" — Abraham Israel

"To those who seek an eternal permanent home live on this temporal earth as a pilgrim journeying towards a place in the unseen celestial universe where the God whom they seek will be there without to make them feel at home as He had always been within them on earth. When we invite Jesus in to our lives, He moves within us in our spirit thus making a home for Himself and at the same time starts to make a home for us where He resides in heaven. A home in heaven is a promise by Jesus for all those who make themselves to be a home for Jesus on earth!" — Abraham Israel

"The knowledge that we are falling apart day by day in our natural fleshly state will keep us in good spiritual state. God calls this knowledge as being poor in spirit and to them that hold such knowledge within their heart and mind, God has promised the whole kingdom of heaven because God knows that in their humility their will draw any grace that they want from heaven without limit anytime anyplace." — Abraham Israel

"Rest and friendship with God is made for man and man is not made for rest and friendship with God. In other words, God is neither in need of friendship or love nor He has made humans selfishly to fulfill that need for friendship as some people wrongly think. God is love which means He is already satisfied and fulfilled in sharing perfect fellowship and love among themselves who are three in persons. God has given the privilege for all humans by creation to have friendship with Himself. Jesus came as the Lord of friendship, rest and fellowship with God in that He has showed all humans how privileged we are to have a Divine friend, father and guardian in God." — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The Full Gospel adds nothing of self and leaves nothing of God out of God's word. The Full Gospel is always powerful to achieve in our life whatever God has promised because it rejects what it knows as the fact, and accepts like a little child, all that God says as the truth." — Abraham Israel

"If someone is not happy with where you have gone on to achieve in God, most likely you are facing the new devils from the new levels that God has taken you. Then all you need to do is to praise God for what He has made you achieve even though you are unprofitable in yourself and greatly favored with grace that has made you invaluably profitable. Let all the poison that come towards you through these unhappy people who are actually jealous become nullified through the anti venom of you rejoicing in God and letting go of yourself that has got attached to these souls from the past. God matches your present to your future and wants you to let go of all the past to make space for the present which is as big in scope as your future, even though your past might be good and not necessarily evil." — Abraham Israel

"Crowns in heaven will be given not for us to boast how big we are or have become, but to place it at the feet of Jesus and give back the glory to whom it belongs, He has made it all possible for us who have believed Him to become priests and kings unto God for eternity. Also crowns in heaven are not given based on who has acquired and held maximum gifts and graces on earth, but it is based on who have learnt be more humble and faithful with whatever gifts and graces that was given to them by God for profitability. God is never more pleased than when we know who we are in ourselves and also who we are in Him who has called us to become what we cannot ever achieve in ourselves without Him." — Abraham Israel

"To love God with all your heart, you need can't just say "I love you Lord" on Sunday and keep doing all you want the rest of your week, but with all your desires, passions and thoughts you need to live all the time to please Him alone, no matter it may cost you your entire life. If you live for love, the Lord will be occupied in fulfilling the desires of your heart to show to you that He loves you and will honor you publicly to make all people understand that He is for you on your side no matter what." — Abraham Israel

"Fellowship with God is a love in tri-unity, which shows that we cannot love God unless we start to value what God values, share with Him what He shares with us through His grace which has come to us through our Lord Jesus, and fellowship with God with our spirit within us through the Holy Spirit who is like a thread of silk which weaves us in to the silken shawl of fellowship with God in tri-unity of spirit, soul and body. The best way to fellowship with God is to hear His sweet voice when we pray, and express our love in our heart toward Him by loving others in our action!" — Abraham Israel

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"It doesn't matter at all what you do not have, but what matters spiritually now is whether you are going to put what you have in the hands of God and let yourself be a blessing to as many people as possible. You can never be really blessed in this life unless you let God break you to make you a blessing!" — Abraham Israel

"What we try to hold tightly with our hands are lost in a matter of time, but only what has been put in to God's hand gets multiplied as eternal treasure that no one could take away from us. Let go and let God until all that you own cannot be taken away from you for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"You can do something for people without loving them, but you cannot love people without doing something for them. That is why Jesus said, "love your enemies, bless them, do good....[how?], pray" (Matt 5:44) for them. The first command is a positive decision to let God give His love in our hearts from His throne in heaven, second command is to let positive emotions of God's blessing come over us through speaking blessing upon them who are in with a negative attitude towards us, third command is to do good actions....what kind of actions we can do when our enemies does not want to receive what ever good we want to do for them....the only good action we can possible do is to love them through the action of praying for them to be touched by the power of God that will cause them to be blessed with a positive attitude in life. I mean prayer is the best good work that you can do to your enemies and thereby love them. Love never fails because God never fails to give His love as long as we positively receive it from Him." — Abraham Israel

"When Jesus died you were on His mind and heart, now that He has risen up for you gloriously, have you allowed Him through His Word and Spirit to be in your heart and mind always? If you have, praise God that you are on your way to God's destiny for you, or else now is the time to ask Jesus to rule your thoughts and mind from now on for the glory of God!" — Abraham Israel

"Pray without ceasing, pray fervently with cries and tears and finally pray as much as you can and pray no more further by leaving the rest in God's hands, that is when you should take rest knowing that you are in the hands of God and that no matter what happens further, God is in perfect control of your life and that He is indeed working it all together for your good. Then whatever happens will only bring glory to God through you no matter whether it is life or death, lack or abundance, pain or comfort, sickness or health and in everything else, you are on your way to power with God for eternity! When you are in power with God, your main audience are not just people, but God, angels and all the universe which cries out the glory of God day after day." — Abraham Israel

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