Thursday, September 6, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"The only prayer that God always answers without fail is the perfect prayer produced by our faith in the Holy Spirit and prayed in tongues privately to God. It is a spiritual communication that only God understands and answers in His time and in His will, everything we ask through this prayer is according to His will and therefore we can be sure we will receive His answers soon, thus activating our place and purpose in eternity through our heavenly .language gifted personally to us. The most important gift God has ever given to a sinner is salvation in Christ Jesus, the most important gift God has ever given to a saint is tongues through Jesus Christ!" — Abraham Israel

"When we walk in holiness, we are not doing any favor for God. All we do is avoid foolish decisions that leads to death of fellowship with God, and instead wisely strive for a better and a higher level of fellowship and communion that makes us reap the fruit of righteousness for the rest of our lives on earth, and thereafter to reap the dividends of it in multiplied level of blessings for eternity in the ever continuing eternal life. Holiness does not benefit God, but rather it benefits us in such a way that it makes us beneficiaries of God." — Abraham Israel

"Growing in holiness by taking a leap of faith sets us apart from the usual, and enlarges our capacity to experience God in a deeper and meaningful way." — Abraham Israel

"The carnal man lives for survival, but the spiritual man lives by sacrifice. While the carnal man sees others around Him and compares himself to justify himself, the spiritual man sees the Lord's sacrifice on the cross of Calvary for his sins as an example of self-emptying and lives to please God through faith in Him. While the carnal man waits to go to heaven, the spiritual man experiences heaven on earth itself within his heart, mind, soul and emotions. While the carnal man lives as an opportunist to grab things for himself anything he finds useful, as he lives on the survival of the fittest mode of animal life, the spiritual man lives by giving to God and men sacrificially knowing that all things that God provides on earth is to be wisely converted in to treasures of heaven, as he himself is a steward of God who only has a limited time to invest in to eternal treasures for himself, his family and all the people of God. God never demands something he does not first do and show us to replicate as His children, the first greatest sacrifice of God was Himself to the humankind in Christ Jesus the eternal Son of God. Now that we know the love of God in Christ Jesus, let us love God and men sacrificially to collect treasure in heaven and be greatly rich towards God for eternity ahead! Kudos to all spiritual men in this carnal world!" — Abraham Israel

"To be happy is based on the good circumstance that one faces in his life, and all people can be happy when all things go well. But it takes a real man and woman of faith to stand against the circumstance of severe hardship and depressive ordeal, and still choose to rejoice seeing in to the future believing that the God who promised us victory will never fail us nor forsake us. God has not failed to give victory for those who have rejoiced in Him seeing their victory from afar in their faith which immensely pleased Him. God has not failed even once since the creation of all things in the entire universe, to those who have chosen to rejoice in faith! Do you want to be added in that hall of fame of faith eternally, start believing the God who never fails to all those who believe Him through His promises given in the Bible." — Abraham Israel

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