Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Many of us have not yet fully come to realize that it is no small thing to have become a child of God, because as we know that there are more than seven billion people on earth at present, yet out of all these we have not chosen God but it is God who has come to handpick us out of all the people of the earth, and have separated us as Kingly-Priest to be intimate with Him to intercede for all situations on earth and receive His answers to meet it with His power and rule the earth spiritually for His Glory! We are already in training on earth for a glorious future of prominence of leadership with Jesus for a thousand years, and then in the New Earth and Heaven for ever and ever. If we could stay faithful to God in Christ Jesus through this short period of training on earth, we are in for a eternally great and exceeding reward which will be the inheritance of God as sons of God which will be very soon given to us in honor and glory according to our performance through the grace of God done on earth for the Glory of God. O dear saints, try your best as much as you can by depending on God, God will do the rest as much as He will by depending on your availability for Him to work through you. God is always willing to do something glorious through you, but remember to realize that you are uniquely chosen to serve Him as God's cherished personal treasure and therefore allow God to work through you as much as you can by opening your life and heart always before Him. People who see your life will then come to glorify God the Father for the unique work that He always does through you. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"God is never ready to give up on you but He is ever ready to fight on behalf of you, if you keep holding on to faith in His unchanging Promises. God has said and promised us His children that sin shall not have dominion over us because we are under His grace, we shall never be out of strength at any time and place to face any trial because His strength is revealed when we are weak, we shall never die because of sickness as we were healed by His stripes already, we shall never lack in our life because God supplies all our needs in Christ Jesus, we shall always be overcomers and not undergoers because God has already defeated our enemy on the Cross and have dismantled his power forever, we shall never be in want because Jesus is our Shepherd, all trials in our lives no matter how big or small it is can never be allowed by God beyond our ability to handle it by His power, etc...We can keep recollecting all His promises in our mind, but if we do not hold it tight in our heart in the midst of our trials to see the deliverance of the Lord at the right time, we will never be able to experience the awesomeness of our God. We give up too easily on God's promises and settle for the next best that is to live in unbelief mostly when something doesn't happen as we have expected in our life. But little do we realize that all it takes to achieve with God is believe His Promises rather than to believe the unbelief which is of no use to us now and forever. What promises are you holding in your heart today no matter what trials you have been through or may even be going through now, never give up your faith because God is not ready to give up on you and doesn't want you to become disappointed without you receiving His reward in every area of your life to experience the abundant life that which He has already promised to give you on earth." — Abraham Israel

"We must never forget that we are a pilgrim in progress towards our heavenly country, where there will be no more pain, death, sorrow, crying, streets paved with gold, a wall of protection around the city, pearly gates, rivers, tree and water of life, light everywhere by the glory of God, etc...which are God's benefits for us but the greatest joy of heaven will be God wiping our every tears with His joy and being near to us forever and ever." — Abraham Israel

"Our God is called as the God of all hope because not only He gives us hope about our sure future, but also He hopes only the best for us to happen in His perfect will as we co-operate with Him to let Him work through us to fight our battles and come out victorious in every situations of our lives. Our lives get more and more joyful and peaceful according to the level of trust that we develop in our lives with our Lord based on believing in His unchanging promises that never fails, the moment we begin to work on this aspect of trust and more trust in Him by our personal past experience with Him, we start to overflow with a surge of sure hope of the future that is ahead of us by the power of the Holy Spirit who will start to reign through us. Hope will never disappoint us, because God will have poured out his love to fill our hearts as we surge ahead with more and more hope of the life to come. When we experience God's love, at that moment of time all our disappointments in this earthly life will vaporize and fresh perspective of heaven will lighten up our heart to enlighten it with the fresh revelation of the actuality of the fragrance of heaven on earth, where time stops for a moment and makes us experience eternity in our hearts. Always learn to lift you hands and praise God for His goodness that comes to us by His faith, hope and love triangle, but Love stays the best because that is the base upon which the two other sides of the entrance to the house of God within us stands upon!" — Abraham Israel

"True freedom of life comes to all humans freely from God, but the reality of the freedom starts from on the inside only when we allow our lives to be controlled by God's Spirit who gives us liberty from sin, sickness and death through imparting eternal life." — Abraham Israel

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