Friday, June 5, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"True prayer is not something we make out of ourselves and our needs, it is actually God praying within us to Himself through our heart and mouth with a clear intention of answering every line we have prayed, so that His purpose for our lives will be fulfilled to bring true Glory to Him." — Abraham Israel

"Life in the Spirit makes us bloom to become a marvel to the world as God has created us differently and uniquely according to His plans and purposes. Unity in the Spirit brings always Glory to God! Let us keep it by the Spirit. We are all different but yet made by One to be one in Him." — Abraham Israel

"Those who give their lives and commit it in to the hands of God actually give themselves the opportunity to become a crown of splendor, and a royal authority and dignity in the hands of the Lord. Let go of yourself, and let God show Himself through your life for His Glory!" — Abraham Israel

"When hearts meet together, the beauty of Christ is fully seen through us." — Abraham Israel

"The God who is so lofty, whom the heavens and the earth cannot contain, though He has put His throne in the highest heavens in which He has enthroned Himself beyond human imagination to reach it, and considers the earth as His foot-stool, yet with a lowly, humble and a broken heart He always draws near and lifts them up to the height of third heaven to make them understand that they are actually seated with Him to rule and reign forever." — Abraham Israel

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